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The Legal Research On Chattel Mortgage Financing In China’s Village

Posted on:2016-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The "Three Agriculture" issue has always been the focus of attention in China, it is about the whole construction of a well-off society. In recent years a large number of research shows that a fact,the peasant household are badly in need of funds, however the shortage of funds seriously restricts the development of agricultural economy, the progress of rural society, the peasant household financing suffered a lot difficult.This article from the successful cases of chattel mortgage financing, in the framework of the existing chattel mortgage legal system, analysis of the feasibility of the chattel mortgage system in the rural areas in China implement, chattel mortgage in the process of implementation of the existing problems, and analysis the regulation of system of chattel mortgage in Taiwan. Combines the actual conditions of our country national condition, to the idea of chattel mortgage system in China is put forward in the process of farmers financing needs to be improved and can draw lessons from.Around the financing system of chattel mortgage legal problems in the process of farmers, this article is divided into four chapters.The first chapter raises case, through the analysis of the case to illustrate the chattel mortgage system in rural areas in China to implement the feasibility.The second chapter mainly introduces the legal obstacles on the implementation of chattel mortgage in our country.The third chapter mainly introduces the rules of Taiwan chattel mortgage system, as well as the enlightenment on the chattel mortgage system in our country.The fourth chapter on the basis of above analysis, advances some Suggestions on the improvement of the specific.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant household, Chattel mortgage, The mortgage registration, The mortgaged property, Mortgage relief, Property law
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