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Procuratorial Organs Duty Crime Preliminary Investigation System Analysis On Several Issues

Posted on:2016-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Preliminary investigation system refers to the people’s procuratorate for possible position crime case clues, to find out whether the clues for criminal prosecution by the preliminary investigation. It is based on the criminal prosecution system in China, according to prosecutors to investigate and punish corruption and malfeasance of the practical need of duty crime, from the judicial practice to create a unique case system step by step. The emergence of the duty crime preliminary investigation system is not an accident, it originated in China’s unique historical background at that time, and the characteristics of duty crime cases and criminal lawsuit system in our country are closely related. With the continuous development of inspection work, preliminary investigation system has become the procuratorial organs investigation cases of application, but due to the imperfection of the denotation of the system itself, cause a lot of problems in the process of practice. In this paper, on the basis of definite denotation system existence rationality, in view of the preliminary investigation system some problems which exist in the judicial practice reason analysis, and put forward corresponding countermeasures, with the improvement of the system of duty crime preliminary investigation to provide some feasible Suggestions.This article from four parts discusses the duty crime preliminary investigation system:The first part is mainly to the duty crime preliminary investigation system to carry on the simple introduction, the basic situation of the analysis of the new "criminal procedural law" promulgated on the impact of the duty crime preliminary investigation work in our country, studies the problems in the denotation of the existing system of positive significance.The second part mainly put forward some problems of the procuratorial organs in the preliminary investigation work, from the preliminary investigation, means and time limit for the supervision of the legal documents, the legitimacy of evidence as well as to the preliminary investigation and human rights protection and so on to find out the current problems of the preliminary investigation system.The third part according to the specific problems of the current preliminary investigation system, analyzing the deep reason of these problems, so as to provide certain help improve our duty crime preliminary investigation system.The fourth part is mainly about the improving Suggestions some specific problems of the preliminary investigation stage, through continuous improvement of fulfillment duty crime preliminary investigation system in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Duty crime, The denotation of the system, A number of problems, Perfect vision
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