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A Study Of The Problems Of The Inspec Tion Of Party Committee In S City

Posted on:2016-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503952912Subject:Public administration
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In 2012,the central office issued the opinions on strengthening and improving the work of the party’s supervision and inspection, and stressed that the party committees and supervision work is an important link to promote the implementation of major decisions of the Party committee,is an important way to promote scientific decision-making. Supervision is to supervise and urge examination,is the important part of Party committees and government offices,is one of the main ways to improve the efficiency of the administrative. In this paper,the research on the efficiency improvement of the selected topic circle is scheduled to be conducted in the S City,which mainly uses the method of literature analysis,field survey, history and synchronic study.First of all,the supervision of the functions,types,and other concepts can be defined,,and the relationship between the supervision and work efficiency,pointed out that the purpose of supervision and inspection object of the object has homogeneity,both to promote each other,to complete a certain set of goals for the implementation,control, implementation. And from the supervision and work efficiency of the concept connotation, extension, characteristics,content and other aspects of in-depth analysis,so as to lay a theoretical foundation for this study,the direction and content of empirical research.Second, combined with the actual situation of the city Party committee and supervision work,especially in recent years,the practice of exploration,from improving the structure design,innovation and supervision work methods, the establishment of supervision work evaluation accountability mechanism, strengthen supervision work and so on, the comprehensive summary of the work of S, including the formation of the work force,build up the "big supervision" work pattern,improve the depth and the height of the supervision,etc..Third,pointed out the problems of the S City Party committee and supervision work,including the implementation of the supervision,system construction lag,the work method is single,the weak supervision of the existing problems,and the reasons for the existence of the problem: first, the lack of learning to enhance the thinking and concept behind; three is the organization structure is not perfect and lack of legal effect;two is the work of the work of the single;Finally,according to the theoretical analysis and empirical analysis,from the enhanced implementation of the main responsibility consciousness,strengthen the implementation of the incentive and assessment,building a big supervision work pattern, according to the law to carry out supervision and other aspects to improve the efficiency of the supervision work of the S City,put forward the optimization strategy of the local Party committees to improve the effectiveness of the work to provide reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party committee and supervision, Supervision and inspection, Efficiency, Promotion
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