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Research On Ownership Reservation System

Posted on:2016-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of ownership as a unique means of guarantee, Best seller of the implementation of the resolution and to contradictions between the vendee financing difficulties, Transaction security principle and efficiency of modern economies is well combined, Retention of ownership in many countries and regions in the widely used in everyday business practices.But for this system in our country in legislation still does not have full build, In practice the lack of operability, not well adjusted people’s transactions, Therefore, on the basis of existing legislation and research in China, the paper, drawing on experience in other developed countries or regions, some problem of retention of ownership system of in-depth study and exploration.The first Chapter is to study the fundamental problems of the system of ownership reservation, including the concept of retention of title, title retention value, and theorists have been arguing constantly about the nature of ownership reservation issues must be explained.The second Chapter legislative review of ownership reservation system to, introduced in several countries or regions with regard to ownership reservation of legislative provisions and judicial practice, when construction of perfecting the system of retention of title in China has a very good reference.The third Chapter is the current situation of China’s legislation of ownership reservation system and some problems in practice related to analyzed the object of title retention range,publicity, set the relevant content and For the retention of ownership right structure, mainly on the seller’s right to collect and discusses the expectancy right of the buyer.The fourth chapter focuses on perfecting the system of title retention considerations and Outlook, in adhering to the correct guiding ideology on the basis of China’s current system of ownership reservation the relevant legislative provisions and judicial interpretations, some measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:ownership reservation, publicity system, establishment, recall right, expectant right
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