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On The System Of The Maritime Right Of Control Under The Rotterdam Rules

Posted on:2016-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the "Rotterdam rules" came into effect, on a series of new system of its creation has been in the shipping world attention and controversy, right system due to re adjust and distribute the shippers and carriers of the right to control the convergence of carriage of goods by sea, for the fair sharing of the ship and cargo interests and the smooth realization of the field of international trade and transport has been discussed right. On the other hand, the rapid development of modern communication technology makes the electronic commerce become the new force in international trade, provides the solution to the more traditional bill of lading the carriage of goods by sea, the facing problems in the legal regulation, but did not keep up with the development of practice, make the electronic commerce in the contract of carriage of goods by sea is often faced with the embarrassing lack of law. "Rotterdam rules" of the goods under the control of the system can effectively help the problem, promote the development of new transport documents in electronic form, and then realize the change in international maritime field. As a maritime country, faced with new system design can draw useful information from, to join the "maritime law" revision or shipping legislation, as well as how to operate, it is worth discussing. Therefore, we should take a scientific attitude, proceeding from the national conditions to explore the right of control and its practical effect on the development of electronic commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Right of Control of goods, Rotterdam Rules, Electronic Commerce, contract of carriage of goods by sea
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