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Research Of Community Governance In The Integration Process

Posted on:2017-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rural community construction, an initiative is made by the Party and the government to changes in rural society. In advancing the process of building rural communities in the mountainous areas which is based on the actual situation in the region different rural community development models have taken. Because of the harsh arid living environment of the mountainous area within Baiyin District jurisdiction and farmers strong desire to move from the mountainous areas, the local government has taken the overall relocation of the arid mountain towns to promote rural community development process. By resettlement manner, mountain farmers are relocated to the city suburbs where natural environment is relatively better. By taking relocation in the different areas to advance community development, it change the outside look,such as the rural landscape, farmers living environment and ways of living and have influence on the original rural society like that rural community members become familiar with each other, and also broke the previous stable social status of the original village, in short, by taking relocation in the different areas to advance community development in the Rural community development the original rural society has completely deconstructed from outside to inside.Rural community construction is not only a process of deconstruction of rural society, but also a process of remodeling. In rural communities, relocation type "deconstruction- reconstruction" process. First problem is community integration after deconstruction. the farmers face the changes from familiar surroundings to a strange environment, and the mode of production and life, so they need some time to adapt, so rural communities about relocation type community integration problem cannot be achieved overnight, it is a continuous adjustment process, and also a constant process of change, the dynamic of instability in the change, in this unstable state of disorder, the ability of the newly formed rural communities to implement effective governance is particularly necessary and urgent.Taking Baiyin District Wuchuan Township Wuchuan xincun community empirical case study through questionnaires, interviews and other methods of Wuchuan xincun community of community integration status and governance of the empirical study, in the collection of data on community integration of data analysis and processing found that impede the current some factors Wuchuan xincun community integration happens due to lack of governance capacity of communities caused, Therefore, this paper to relocation type rural communities community integration Perspective, on the basis of the investigation about the present situation of community integration, combined with some of the problems faced in the current community in the process of integration, the WuChuan xincun community governance present situation has carried on the comprehensive combing, through to in the fusion process WuChuan xincun community governance performance evaluation, It tries to reveal the type of relocation of rural communities in the process of construction, how to solve the problem of integration and management; How to make the rural society after the deconstruction of the farmers as soon as possible into the local society; How to effective governance of the disorder of rural society. Based on the above factors, the specific structure of the article are arranged as following:Firstly, starting from the background of macro Baiyin District in promoting the rural community construction is introduced in the process of planning, focuses on measures for rural community construction in arid mountainous areas, and the arid mountainous areas of the overall relocation, resettlement unified rural community construction model to make brief introduction, analyze the reasons for it to take this model and the type of characteristic relocation of rural communities.Secondly, because take relocated the rural community construction mode broke the original country stable social status, to the rural community has brought a series of problems, in the process of rebuilding rural community, the primary problem facing the community integration problems, Therefore, in the current situation of community integration Wuchuan xincun community to inspect the process, through the data analysis, find out the current problems in the community integration.Finally, through the investigation about the present situation of community integration, some problems emerge in the process of the current community integration, such as insufficient supply of public service, community service ability is low, combined with the ability of community governance after investigation found the case prevent integration in the community integration process factors and the lack of governance just fit, So based on the integration process to assess the performance of community governance, aiming at the integration process in the communities in governance there are still problems to analyze and make some corresponding countermeasures for the problem at this stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relocation, Rural Communities, Community Integration, Community Governance
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