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The Research Of The Farmers’ Relocation And Resettlement Satisfaction In M Town Of Jiangsu Province During Urban-rural Integration

Posted on:2017-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330509456395Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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With the Party’s Eighteen proposed " Three Rural Problems" problem is the most important work of the whole party, " The Urban-rural integration" is the fundamental way to solve this problem, so how to solve the problems in the process of resettlement well will not be overlooked. However, during the urban-rural integration process in recent years, because of losing land, living standards and development of most households after resettlement are subject to varying degrees of damage, which has a bad influence on the sustainable development of society and economy. Farmers as the object of relocation and resettlement are to prove the effect of land compensation and resettlement. Making a research on the satisfaction of peasants who lose their land, looking for factors affecting their satisfaction, further improving relevant systems and regulations, working on good land expropriation, housing demolition and subsequent resettlement are all beneficial for weakening negative effects associated with the urban-rural integration. It will have an important reference value and practical significance in improving the overall level of satisfaction and ownership status of farmers.The first chapter of this paper introduces the research background, describing the research domestically and abroad of the land requisition compensation and resettlement, and satisfaction and thus showing clear research objectives, content and method. The second chapter illustrates related concepts and tells that expectation model and two-factor theory are the theoretical basis of the study on improvement of the farmers’ relocation and resettlement satisfaction in the overall urban-rural integration. The third chapter describes regional situation, economy, population structure etc. in M Town of Jiangsu Province, and introduces its present execution, resettlement and compensation standards of relocation and resettlement in urban-rural integration. The fourth chapter gives out the questionnaire design and the method of index selection, data acquisition and processing. Then descriptive analysis is done for the data acquired in order to identify the impact of individual factors on overall satisfaction. The fifth chapter is the core of this paper, presenting the results of field research with Ordinal Logistic regression analysis to identify significant correlation variables on the overall satisfaction, which will lead to an in-depth analysis. The sixth chapter is based on the analysis of significant factors influencing relocation and resettlement satisfaction of farmers in urban-rural integration. Thus it puts forward feasible suggestions in the relocation and resettlement of urban-rural integration. The seventh chapter is a summary of this study and the prospects for future research, presenting several problems to be solved in future.Combining with the results of the specific situation in M Town of Jiangsu Province, the author tries to put forward the following recommendations:Firstly, guide the reform of agricultural land stock cooperation system and improve the long-term income of farmers, speed up circulation of rural land, and improve the sustainable development of farmers’ income growth and long-term livelihoods.Secondly, strengthen the construction of new communities, and enhance the overall level of accommodation. In promoting the process of the urban-rural integration, plan the relocation in strict accordance with the new standard of urban communities and regional function layout of urban construction, at the same time, guarantee the completeness of the community life, focus on the surrounding traffic, education, health, culture, sports, shopping, entertainment and other public resources; according to requirements of transformation from farmers into citizens, perfect the relocation and resettlement residential property services and community services.Thirdly, ensure the resettlement work reasonably and efficiently, improve the overall satisfaction. Before "urban-rural integration", there should be a comprehensive analysis of whether the local social productive forces and the level of economic development have reached the development requirements of urbanization and whether "urban-rural integration" will improve local political, economic and cultural development. It is to carry out the relocation and resettlement based on local conditions. Take a variety of l combination of acquisition ways, resettlement and compensation, and execute the diversification of resettlement. Meanwhile, improve the relocation and resettlement and make a scientific and reasonable relocation and resettlement compensation program, present the relocation and resettlement compensation process in public and ensure the farmers’ right to know and enhance the overall level of satisfaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:the integration of urban and rural areas, farmers’ resettlement, satisfaction, ordinal logistic regression
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