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A Survey Study On Differences In Motivation Types And Motivation Intensity For Learning English Between Senior High School Students Of Grade1, Grade2and Grade3

Posted on:2015-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English learning motivation has been a critical individual factor that influencesforeign language learning. As a result, it is an important topic in educational research.Chinese scholar Gao Yihong has divided English learning motivation into seven types:internal interest motivation, going abroad motivation, personal developmentmotivation, achievement motivation, information media motivation, socialresponsibility motivation and learning situation motivation. These seven motivationcan be further generalized into cultural motivation, instrumental motivation andlearning situation motivation.This thesis attempts to investigate current senior high school students· Englishlearning motivation through survey study and the research questions are as follows:1.:What is the status quo of senior high school students· English learning motivationtypes?2.: What is the status quo of senior high school students· English learningmotivation intensity?3: Is there any difference of motivations types between seniorhigh school students of grade1, grade2and grade3?4: Is there any difference ofmotivation intensity between senior high school students of grade1, grade2andgrade3?5.: How is the learners· motivation type related to motivation intensity? Thequestionnaire of this study is designed on the basis of Gao·s motivation questionnaireand modified according the semi-opened questionnaire. With2parallel classesrandomly selected from each grade of a senior high school in Ganzhou, totally304students are subjects under investigated and some subjects and teachers areinterviewed.With the data analyzed by SPSS the author obtained the following results:Students· strongest motivation type is instrumental motivation followed by culturalmotivation and learning situation motivation. The subjects· motivation intensity is atabove average level. Students of grade3expend greatest effort on English learningand students of grade1works harder than students of grade2. Five out of sevenmotivation subtypes are greatly correlated to motivation intensity positively exceptlearning situation motivation and achievement motivation. According to the researchresults, relevant literature and personal teaching experience, the author proposedimplications for English learning and teaching:1. Teachers should make use of teaching media to expose students to fantastic foreign culture in order to stimulatestudents· English learning interest.2. English teaching should be closely related toreal life so that students believe learning English well is a great aid for personaldevelopment.3. Teachers can build and protect students· English learning confidenceby constantly encouraging students.
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