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Studies On The Present Situation Of Ideological And Political Education Of Private Universities

Posted on:2015-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330422976546Subject:Ideological and political education
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Currently showing college students ideological and moral qualities of our country on thewhole a good posture, good on the mainstream. There have been some excellent college groupsand individuals emerge. However, we found that with the development of society, the era ofcontemporary college students ideological and ethical standards and codes of conduct are stillsome deficiencies, so we need to insist on the ideological and moral qualities of contemporarycollege students to carry out research in bloom gradually inspire and guide they establish acorrect outlook on life, world outlook, values, nurture them good moral qualities.Current society, what kind of college training, how to train students to become a problem inthe development of education in our country faces, college students are our country’s mostvaluable human resources, is the source of our country’s development, it is also the future of ourcountry and the hope. For students to become the future pillars of society, not only to master thescientific and cultural knowledge, the same should also have a high ideological and politicalqualities, because these college students ideological and political quality is directly related to thework of party building colleges and universities. Current college students can say the overallquality is good, of course, does not rule out some of the Crime of individual incidents, but hedid not represent the student population. If we just look at the Case-sided, see some goodcollege typical upward advanced deeds. It is often said,"I saw the tree, but not the forest."In this paper, Private Thoughts of the political status quo and countermeasures ofeducational research investigations, mainly analyzes the status quo of ideological and politicaleducation of college students Jilin independence and Solutions, Jilin Province, aimed at furtherstrengthening the moral quality to enhance the independent college students. The main contentof this paper is divided into five parts:The first part focuses on why the status of private universities ideological and politicaleducation and countermeasures study several aspects of significance, research, status,background.The second part on the status of the development of private education in universities andpolitical elaborate. Mainly analyze the status quo from the ideological and political educationprocess and the development of private colleges.The third part describes some of the problems of private existence of ideological andpolitical education. Targeting mainly analyzed from the practice session, the ideological and political quality educators and other aspects.The fourth part describes the reason for the existence of the problem of private ideologicaland political education. From the ideological and political education concept, the effectivenessof ideological and political education, ideological and political education management level, asingle model of ideological and political education, social aspects of the environment simpleanalysis.The fifth part focuses on strengthening and improving the ideological and political educationin private colleges countermeasures. The main ideological and political education from areasonable position goals, establish and improve the ideological and political educationmechanism, to build a strong team of teachers, improve educational philosophy, to build severalaspects of moral system platform gives countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private Colleges, ideological and political education mechanism, moraleducation, countermeasures
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