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Research On The Quality Of Talents Based On TRIZ And QFD

Posted on:2014-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330425980683Subject:Higher Education
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Medium-to-long-term education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)pointed out that the current world is in the period of great development andchange, and our country is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges inthis critical period. Colleges and universities are now facing important tasksincluding improving the quality of higher education and talents and focusing ontraining high-caliber professionals and top creative talents.Personnel trainings asthe center of the work of colleges and universities, to improve its quality hasbecome an important subject.Through analyzing the current status of the qualityof talents and exploring the causes of its present situation and influence factorsnot only improve the quality of talents, at the same time, it will promote theoverall level of higher education.Based on the theory of TRIZ and QFD, this study considers the governmentand the society as the customer while views the talents as the products. Then ituses literature and survey method to analyze the quality of talents according tothe demands of customers. Meanwhile, this study also discusses the specificcontradictions and conflicts during producing, and according to contradictionsand conflicts, this study analyzes the constraint conditions and puts forward anideal solution model. At last this study thinks out some effective solutions forimproving the quality of talent products from these following five aspects, thesefive aspects are: completing the production targets; setting up the concept ofscientific quality; optimizing the production process; improving the managementsystem; building up the evaluation system. Through these analyses, this studyprovides some valuable references not only for improving the quality of talentsand higher education, but also for promoting the development of diversificationin higher education research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Quality Function Deployment, Quality of Talents, Solution
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