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A Research On Effective Training Strategies Of Primary And Secondary Teachers Under The Background Of National Teacher Training Program

Posted on:2015-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330431478422Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Teachers’ diathesis concerns the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools and even on thediathesis of new generations of China. In these years, the Ministries of Finance and Education have madeand carried out the National Teacher Training Program to narrow the gap between urban and rural teachersand improve the average quality of teachers. The program focuses on rural teachers, and improves thequality of teachers by professional training. Since it is a totally new training system with relative systems tobe improved, this article studies on effective teacher training strategies, aiming to provide some advice oncarrying out the program successfully.This article consists of five chapters.Chapter one introduces the aims and significances of this study, the literature review of researches indomestic and overseas,and the basic logic framework of those researches.Chapter two, first of all, illustrates the core concept, then introduces the basic principles of effectivetraining, including principles of professional development,teacher-centered, social-practice and schoolsupport.Chapter three gives a systemic overview and illustration about changing policies of primary andmiddle school teacher training in China since the reform and opening up. The development of teachertraining policies consists of three stages including: redeveloping stage-from1978to1984,the polices hadchanged a lot; exploring and developing stage-from1985to1999, the exploration had got some outcome,but many problems had showed up in the meantime.Chapter four analyses problems existing in current teacher training. There are problems in curriculumdesign, teacher source, training team, teaching practice, performance evaluation system, mainly caused bythree factors such as teachers, schools and policies.Chapter five is the key part of the article. With regard to the existing problems in current teachertraining, this chapter put forward concrete measures to improve the effectiveness of training in six aspectssuch as expenditure ensuring, muti-dimensional perspective, training aims, teacher source,training teamsand follow-up assessments.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary and secondary teachers training, effectiveness of training, National TeacherTraining Program
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