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Study On The Financing Scheme Of The Second Construction Project Of Guangxi XX College

Posted on:2015-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330431490206Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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With the continuous of college in China, the development of college rapidly,the the existing educational and infrastructure conditions are difficult to meet the needs of the development of colleges, so colleges have to expand the campus for its own developing, acquire the land to build new campus, recruit staff, purchase the teaching equipment, the shortage of funds becomes a bottleneck for the developing college, while the situation is worse for vocational&technical college.Financial supporting is limited, Bank loan have become the mail financing channels of college, but the program of bank loan become more and more complex. How to ensure the college healthy and sustainably? We can reference the successful experience from domestic and abroad, according to its own conditions, innovate the financing channels to solve the problem of college effectively.The article based on the financing case of the completed projects of Guangxi XX College, analysis the financing channel and the problems. Draw on the experience of financing model of the first phase of project, propose the financing channel.The article firstly introduces the background and significance; summarizes the theory of college financing;then introduces the new campus of Guangxi XX college,analysis the financing channel of completed projects that had put into use.At the end,design financing channels for the second stage projects of Guangxi XX college, while propose countermeasures. Through the analysis, author thinks that bank loan is the main financing channel, innovate to the BOT mode, then strengthen the cooperation with enterprises (or using of its land resources), finally, introduced foreign cooperation for investment. Above all, these will be the main financing channel for Guangxi XX College.
Keywords/Search Tags:college, The construction of new campus, Financing channel
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