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A Research On The Synergy Of Higher Education And National Economy

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330431960319Subject:National Economics
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It is national economy that promotes and guides higher education, no matter in foreign or at home, as well as in ancient or modern times. Currently economic globalization pushes international competition to transform from a lower level of physical capital to a higher level of knowledge capital. As a result, almost all countries locate science and technology in a strategic position. In addition, reform in China has been in a bottleneck after accessing a fruitful achievement by reform and opening up. This is a fully new challenge in front of us. It is a problem and we need to deal with it. It is also a battle and we have to defeat it. A comprehensive reform is overwhelming. In one hand, we must transform the mode of economic development relying on technological progress and quality improvement of workers from on scientific and capital factors. On the other hand, we must create a talent team to promote and guide the reform. To summarize, higher education sticks inextricably together with national economy.To examine the impact of higher education on national economy and the role it acts as in the relationship, this paper will study the synergy between them from a structural point of view-selecting disciplinary structure and hierarchical structure from higher education as well as industrial structure and technical structure from national economy. Furthermore, there are two main lines in this paper:one is the synergy between disciplinary structure and industrial structure and the other is the synergy between disciplinary structure and industrial structure. This paper analyzes the synergistic path between disciplinary structure and industrial structure as well as hierarchical structure and technical structure with normative method. This paper considers that the mutual synergistic effects work at the same time in a performance of that one guides or adapts to the other. Ultimately, the net synergistic effect depends on composition of each synergistic force. Integrating the synergistic effects of industrial structure and disciplinary structure as well as that of technical structure and hierarchical structure, we get the synergistic effect and mode between higher education and national economy. It is necessary to examine the specific situation of our country. In the first step, this paper describes how the higher education plays a positive/negative role in economic development respectively and then examines the net effect through empirical method. This paper selects specific indicators to describe disciplinary structure and hierarchical structure of higher education as well as industrial structure and technical structure of national economy from early1990s to2011, followed by quantifying these four structure by principal component analysis and then we get four times series data. At last, this paper studies the mutual synergistic effects using Granger causality test and gray correlation analysis, which are always common in synergy research. The empirical results show:on the one hand, industrial structure has a higher synergy collaborating disciplinary structure than that of disciplinary structure collaborating industrial structure, which means that disciplinary structure guides industrial structure while industrial structure adapts to disciplinary structure; on the other hand, technical structure has a higher synergy collaborating hierarchical structure than that of hierarchical structure collaborating technical structure, which means that hierarchical structure guides technical structure and technical structure adapts to hierarchical structure. Based on above this paper concludes:national economy has a higher synergy collaborating higher education than that of higher education collaborating national economy, which means that higher education has an guiding role over national economy while national economy has to adapt to higher education since the early1990s to2011. That is to say, higher education restricts the development of national economy. Accordingly, this paper proposes some concrete suggestions to improve synergy of higher education collaborating national economy, so as to help higher education play a more positive role in the process to promote national economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education, National economy, Industrial structure, structure, Synergy
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