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Research Questions Set Higher Vocational Institutions Preschool Curriculum

Posted on:2015-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330431974438Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Preschool education stage is the beginning stage of individual lifeeducation and development, is the foundation of education prepared, iscomposed of the national education system, is an important public welfaresociety. Early childhood is a critical period in the development of human life,more is to lay the foundation for the future development of education. Therapid development of preschool education, is the basis for the developmentof various stages and links in the whole education system. With thecontinuous development and progress of society, people more and increaseof preschool education attention. Kindergarten demand is expanding, theshortage of teachers and the quality of preschool education is an urgent issueto be resolved, the preschool education talents training scheme, curriculumof preschool education professional, have become the problem that must besolved, in order to solve these problems, some of the original creation of preschool education major in Vocational colleges start a lot of students, andsome have never set up the professional occupation school opened preschooleducation, these are to meet in the present society the rapid development ofthe preschool teachers’ needs. As everyone knows, the curriculum is toensure that the necessary factor of teacher quality, also is the key ofpersonnel training, is the embodiment of professional nature, through theresearch on Curriculum of preschool education of H in higher occupationcollege professional, tries to discuss the rationality of the process ofpreschool education specialty course in Higher Vocational colleges setting,and set forward some reference opinions for the preschool educationspecialty in Higher Vocational College courses.The specialty of preschool education H of Career Academy as theresearch text, through a large number of literature and interview on the topic of.This paper mainly includes the following parts:The first part of the case school background, preschool educationprofessional training objectives and requirements, curriculum content andcurriculum and teaching evaluation in detail, to understand the status ofpreschool education courses offered case study schools, research so as to thecurriculum of preschool education major in higher vocational colleges is tolay the foundation, provides the practice basis.The second part of the status of preschool education courses from thecase school, evaluation and Analysis on the current situation of thecurriculum, the curriculum of preschool education in professional schools:training objectives and lack of hierarchy; training goal; the student to knowless weight training objectives; compulsory courses, elective courses of light;curriculum theory, light practice teaching; teaching hours, the creditallocation problem; curriculum plan and the actual course of inconsistent;some teachers’ teaching level is low; the quality of teaching materials is nothigh.The third part based on the existing concrete problems in curriculumsetting case school of preschool education majors, and several suggestionsare put forward: the diversification of cultivating goals, embodied goal levelwill target formulation and implementation of unity; curriculum structurerationalization, coordination theory teaching and skill class ratio, reasonablearrangement of teaching hours of class, course content and scientific;elective courses, increase, increase practice; curriculum implementationeffect, reasonable selection of textbook, in partnership with the employerand to understand its use specification.In this study, through the concrete analysis on Curriculum ofpreschool education in the case school, puts forward some suggestions forpreschool education major in higher vocational colleges is more reasonable,scientific, effective curriculum. At the same time, to promote the curriculumreform of preschool education in higher vocational colleges, changing to curriculum idea, narrowing the talent cultivation between specifications andsocial development demand gap, has the extremely vital significance, thecollege preschool education major future curriculum has a direct reference.Of course, curriculum reform is a long-term, complicated and arduous task,this paper is only to the curriculum of preschool education specialty settingof Higher Vocational Colleges conducted a preliminary study, researcherswill continue to explore and Research on this issue in the future work of thestudy, using empirical method for more, offer modest for the preschool seteducation specialty in Higher Vocational College courses.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational colleges, Preprimary education, Curriculum setting
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