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The Study On The Exemplary Specialty Construction Of Middle Vocational Schools

Posted on:2014-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330437977515Subject:Education management
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Middle vocational education plays an important role in National Vocational Education Plan. Entered for21st Century, National Education Department issues some educational documents and put forward some plans. Therefore, the vocational education becomes more important than before.On November27th2010, National Education Department publicly published a plan—The Reform and Innovation Plans for Middle Vocational Education (Year2010to Year2020). In this plan, we should insist on persisting in person, and take teaching-industry-cooperation, school-company-cooperation, and work-study combination for the direction of the vocational education reform. In addition, we should combine education with industry, school with company, specialty construction with students’ professional standards, and school teaching with enterprise production. We need increase the pertinence and effectiveness of vocational education in social development. Putting the effect of education and teaching and the result of pesonnel training into social-economic benefits and regional development,this will eventually be reflected through pr ofessional construction systerm.What’s more, we should accelerate to cultivate qualified and innovative talents with professional ethics, knowledge and vocational skills. In order to develop vocational schools,each school should take the road of characteristics,create the development of brand,achieve a highly efficient education,and transport more outstanding person,above all,each school should find the suitable majors and focus on exemplary specialty construction.In this thesis, I use the methods of literature search and case analysis to sum up the research fruits of vocational exemplary majors. I also combine the construction work with efforts and shortcomings, for sake of exploring a suitable way to develop our school teaching. It contributes to the development of our school’s vacational education,and has a positive meaning on breaking a bright future.At the same time,from collating the whole model professional construction work of our school.I hope this thesis will be beneficial to the exemplary specialty construction in middle vocational schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:Middle vocational school, specialty, the exemplary specialty construction
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