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The Influence Of Family Upbringing On College Students’ Love-Marriage-View And The Countermeasures Of Education

Posted on:2016-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330461459251Subject:Marxist theory
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As part of the ideological and political education, the college students’ love-marriage-view education plays an important role to resist foreign thoughts and social stability. In this paper, from the perspective of family upbringing, combined college students’ love-marriage-view classical theory, designed the questionnaire, analyzed subjects group, calculated sample size, inspected the reliability and trust of the questionnaire, distributed and recycled questionnaire, processed data. At last, by data curve fitting and data regression, analyzed college students’ love-marriage-view characteristics base on different of family upbringing, revealed the influence law and the inner link between family upbringing and college students’ love-marriage-view, filled the research blank of the influence of family upbringing on college students’ love-marriage-view in empirical quantitative field. The results show that exist the inevitable inner link and the inherent regularity between family upbringing and college students’ love-marriage-view, but the influence of tendency and weight was different. In the process of college students’ love-marriage-view education, family education should be included in the category of ideological and political education, and social condition should be considered. Due to this research adopted the empirical quantitative way, make its research results have more practicability and popularization, it can provide skills support and theoretical reference for the ideological and political educators.
Keywords/Search Tags:College student, Love-Marriage-View, Family upbringing, Ideological and political education
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