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Undergraduate Cultivating Quality And Its Promotion Strategy From The Perspective Of Alumni

Posted on:2016-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461969670Subject:Higher Education
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Quality is the lifeline of higher education. Cultivating high quality talent has been an unremitting pursuit of university. In recent years, a great deal of research around the concept, situation, influence factors and countermeasures of undergraduate cultivating quality has been conducted. Most of the existing research studies the undergraduate cultivating quality from the angle of education administrative leadership or the perspective of social unit who choose and employ persons. And the research from the perspective of students is relatively scant. In one of the few from the perspective of students’study, the most research group to pay more attention to the students, to students, such as alumni groups less attention. The feedback from alumni for school education service plays a vital role in improving the quality of undergraduate cultivating.This study uses the self-made ’Undergraduate Cultivating Quality Survey’ to investigate a part of alumni and students in E University. Through the data analysis of questionnaire, find out the factors which have great effects on the quality of undergraduate talent training, recognized by both alumni and students. Then coupled with the evaluation.of the actual situation of undergraduate personnel training quality from the alumni in E University, analysis the current problems of undergraduate talent training quality and put forward the countermeasures and suggestions improving E University undergraduate cultivating quality.Through the research, the main conclusions are as follows:First, the overall satisfaction and recommended level of the education services from the alumni in E University is relatively high; Second, among the five major factors affecting the quality of undergraduate talents cultivation, alumni and students all think that the campus culture and environment, teachers’ professional quality and the curriculum and teaching are more important; Third, E University needs to focus on these important improvement projects, including study atmosphere, teachers’ teaching investment, the curriculum goal facilitating the development of students, the frontier of teaching content and the convenience to find the paper document. In order to solve these problems, five measures are suggested:Firstly, universities need to strengthen the construction of study atmosphere; Secondly, the teachers need to increase investment in teaching; Thirdly, the curriculum goal must be set in accordance with students’ development need; Fourthly, the teaching content should be more advanced; Lastly, the process of finding the paper document should be more convenient.
Keywords/Search Tags:alumni, higher education evaluation, talent cultivating quality
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