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The Explore Of Junior High School Students In The Process Of Mathematical Problem Solving In Thinking Flexibility

Posted on:2016-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of science, the development intelligence also more and more get people’s attention. Therefore, this article will discuss deeply on the flexibility of thinking quality and research, in order to provide reliable basis for education teaching theory.This research mainly by adopting the combination of theoretical research and questionnaire survey research methods. First of all, starting from the definition of mathematical thinking flexibility, combined with the characteristics of the mathematical problem solving its classify the dimensions and indicators analysis.Then according to the division of the flexibility of dimension design to the student junior middle school mathematics topics for sampling test, and through statistical software for mental flexibility hierarchy for data analysis. Practical research mainly from the flexibility of thinking quality between main dimensions, dimension differences and correlation between different grade and other aspects, the flexibility of thinking between each specific dimensions were analyzed respectively.This study obtained the main conclusions are as follows:1. High school students’ thinking quality flexibility can be divided into divergent, flexibility, monitoring the three dimensions.Divergent method can be divided into functional divergence, expression of divergence and method divergent.(1)The function divergence: to itself as a "material", something as divergent points, idea of the many functions of it.(2) The expression of divergence: it can be used in a variety of ways or form is described.(3)The method divergence: use different methods to prove the same theorem or solution with a topic in a different way.Flexibility is divided into set conveniently flexible adaptations and conveniently flexible.(1) The set of accommodation, meet with obstacles, or abandoned conventionalmethod to modify the original views, the new point of view to see the problem,analyzing problem;(2)Conveniently flexible to understand or explain the information, namely from the correct information or give the meaning of new concepts or issues;Monitoring can be divided into strategy monitoring and independent monitoring.(1) The strategy monitoring : means strategy to face problems to build the corresponding strategy in your mind or the method to solve the problem;(2) Independent monitoring: it is not about title situational cues, can objective and comprehensive thinking, dialectical view of the problem, the obstacles to amend the plan, to solve the problem.2. Combining the characteristics of middle school students thinking practice research.(1) The development of junior middle school students mental flexibility quality is hierarchical, and clear hierarchy between indexes at all levels.(2) The junior middle school students mathematical thinking flexible quality are interconnected between the three dimensions, namely, divergent, flexibility and monitor the relationship between the three dimensions is a close relationship.
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