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Research On The Status And Countermeasure Of Specialty Construction Of Universities In Xinjiang

Posted on:2015-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467456287Subject:Higher Education
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Specialty is the platform of talent cultivation. As the breakthrough point to promote the reform ofhigher education and the sustainable development of education, the quality of specialty construction willdirectly determine the quality of personnel training. Under the social background of western development,preferential policies to the West enhance the strategic position of Xinjiang in the construction of nationalmodernization. The stable development of economic society has put forward higher requirements on thecultivation of various talents, which has become a difficult task for the development of higher education inXinjiang. Specialty construction is of important significance for the cultivation of talents in theuniversities; the scientific and reasonable establishment of specialty is not only the necessary requirementfor the economic and social development, but also the inherent power to improve the qualityand effectiveness of universities as well as to keep the sustainable development of education.This study made a random sampling investigation to the full-time undergraduate of7universities inXinjiang through a self-designed questionnaire on the theme of the status and countermeasure ofspecialty construction, the main content involves three aspects of "students themselves","schoolsituation","social demand", and intended to reflect the current situation of specialty construction ofuniversities in Xinjiang from three angles,"school situation" is the main part of the questionnaire,including five dimensions such as teacher resources, course construction, teaching conditions, teachingpractice and teaching quality. The Excel data analysis platform and SPSS17.0statistical software can beused for the entry and statistical processing of survey data, as well as in-depth analysis combined with thecontent of conducted interview. The study found that there exist obvious problems in the specialtyconstruction of universities in Xinjiang, mainly reflected in some aspects, professional teachers can beimproved,"short-sighted" professional practice in the course construction, teaching effect is not ideal, thequality of specialty construction can be improved; the lack of student participation in specialty construction;specialty adjustment is a little lagging behind; the lack of reasonable professional entry and exitmechanism; to pursue a wide range of disciplines and ignore the characteristic development. Based on thecontent of interview in this study, the cause of problems of the specialty construction of universities inXinjiang are in many aspects, mainly as follows: the investment of specialty teacher-training is notenough; pay not enough attention to the curriculum construction and the effect of teaching practice; the lackof scientific and reasonable training quality monitoring system and the awareness of students managementparticipation in specialty construction; the relatively low social adaptability of university professionaldevelopment; specialty management system has not been established scientifically and reasonably; theschool development train of thought is not clear enough as well as its positioning. According to this, thestudy based on the actual situation of University’s specialty development in Xinjiang, has put forwardthe countermeasure and suggestion to the status of Xinjiang universities’ specialty construction: strengthenthe construction of specialty teachers; increase the intensity of the course construction; strengthen the teaching effect of specialty practice; enhance the quality of specialty training; encourage and guide thestudents to participate in the specialty construction; enhance the adaptability between specialtydevelopment and the regional economy; establish reasonable professional entry and exit mechanism; clearthe development positioning of university, strengthen the construction of brand and characteristic specialty.The study is helpful for enriching Xinjiang specialty construction basic theory and contributing to themining of problems and deep-seated reasons existing in the specialty construction of universities, this waycan provide evidence for the reform of higher education in Xinjiang. What’ more, it is conductive topromote the sustainable development of Xinjiang higher education, and finally help to achieve the goalof stable development and the long period of stability of economy and society in Xinjiang.
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