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Research On The Impact Of China’s Higher Education Development To The Labor Market

Posted on:2015-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At a certain stage of social and economic development, many countries or regions have experienced events that the scale of higher education in rapid development. Since the end of the20th century China had developed its higher education scale, it is not only an event to the education, but also made a profound impact on social and economic development to the whole country. Our country started in2002to enter the era of popularization of higher education by Martin Trow’s said, it has been12years. Under the background of popularization of higher education, it is a very meaningful topic to explore the development of higher education’s influence on the Labor market.The thesis is divided into six parts. The first part is an introduction. The second part is the status of development of higher education in China. The third part is the impact of changes in higher education enrollment market on the labor market. The fourth part is the impact of changes in higher education "students at school" market on the labor market. The fifth part is the impact of changes in higher education graduates market on the labor market. The sixth part is the conclusion and Countermeasures.The study results:First, although the past decade of higher education in China has developed rapidly, but compared with world’s great powers are still large gaps, in the labor market, the size of China’s higher education workforce is still small. Second, China’s higher education enrollment and students at school market scale development effectively alleviate the level of education of relatively low labor employment pressure. Third, the development of higher education students at school market scale formed a huge higher education consumer market, it directly or indirectly to the labor market has created more chances of employment. Fourth, from the positive side, it must be sure that the development of higher education graduates market scale for our country’s social and economic development provides a large number of high-quality workforces. However, it must be pay attention and to discuss that the higher education of labor obtain employment is becoming increasingly difficult. Fifth at present China’s higher education labor between urban and rural, inter-regional, inter-industry, inter-profession configuration is still a large gap. But the development of the market of higher education graduates can promote the highly educated and high quality talents between urban and rural, inter-regional, inter-industry, and inter-profession equilibrium configuration.We can draw some conclusions as follows:First, to adjust the structure of higher education is the most important that to alleviate the difficult problem of the employment of labor in the higher education. Hierarchy, to expand the proportion of higher vocational college, moderately narrow undergraduate proportion, controls the number of graduate students. Class structure, to moderate shrinking proportion in humanities and social science, enlarge the proportion in science and technology. At the same time can use "full credit system" security personnel training quality, adjust the size of the market of higher education graduates. Second, using the pressure of employment, stimulate the higher education labor changing their idea. It can promote them to intuition, voluntary "downward flow". It not only can ease employment pressure, but also can promote the balanced allocation of higher education of labor. Third, vigorously develop vocational education and training colleges for our workers and farmers. To promote the higher education labor balanced using at the institutional transition. Finally, as for the overall quality of the current workforce in China, the scarcity of skilled labor is still a major problem; in the field of higher education, the main aspects of the employment problem is not the scale of higher education but the structure of higher education. Therefore, the state should promote the scale of higher education vigorously.
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