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The Learning Satisfaction Survey And Suggestion Analysis Of Online Courses

Posted on:2015-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330467964631Subject:Modern educational technology
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Under the background of global information technology, multimedia technology, network technology, as well as virtual technology is changing the working and learning life at a fantastic speed. Online education, as a new teaching model, can make full use of network resources to provide services for distance learning, construction of the learner centered teaching mode, thus leading to maximum optimization of teaching resources. With the expansion of online education, learning satisfaction has become a vital standard of its quality.This thesis selects literature research and questionnaire as its main methods. It chooses tuition-free normal students in Central China Normal University who have participated in the "information technology and curriculum integration of the case study". Through the questionnaires and data analysis, research the present situation of online courses learning satisfaction, summary the factors that affect Learning satisfaction in the learning process, for the online courses can enhance the Learning satisfaction, propose the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.The thesis contains five chapters. The main content is as following:The first chapter:raising questions. The background, purpose and significance of this research are elaborated. At the same time, the content and methods used in this thesis is described.The second chapter:the theoretical overview. In this part, the development process and meaning of online education is introduced in detail. It defines the relevant concepts of satisfaction and learning satisfaction, focusing on learning satisfaction in depth. In addition, the state of online courses learning satisfaction at home and abroad is discussed. Besides, based on the literature research, the dimensions which influence course learning satisfaction are clearly analyzed.The third chapter:a case study. Describes the research object, research tools and the implementation of the questionnaire, from the curriculum, the interactive, the resources, platform four dimensions of the questionnaire were analyzed and processed data, analyzed the present situation of the online course learning satisfaction.The fourth chapter:countermeasures and suggestions. According to the actual situation of learning platform and questionnaire survey, from the four dimensions analysis the present situation of the online course learning satisfaction, analysis the reasons and puts forward corresponding solving measures. The fifth chapter:Summarized and reflection, Summarized and reflection. It gives a brief summary of the research, pointing out the shortage of research, as well as putting forward the further research direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:online courses, online learning, learning satisfaction, tuition-freenormal students
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