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The Value And Realizing Ways Of The Citizen Participating In University Governance In China

Posted on:2012-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330467978853Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Today, we are in an era of globalized knowledge economy and reform is one of the only unalterable characteristics of this age.If we say that life origin is the base and original theory of looking on and studing university and market logic has gradually shown with the rising and development of free trade and market tide,then governance is a thought We must have while dealing with university affairs with the coming of a globalized era and civil society.These three dimensions all linked with one another.The idea of people-oriented and academy runs through the whole Progress of historical development of university.Since thel990’s(only about ten years till now),Public Governance is not only favored by theorists,but also becomes the direction of reformation in countries all over the world.Its main content is introducing the theories and measures of Business to the PublicSectors,emphasizing efficiency,quality,equity,Performance evaluation and so on.Governance becomes a world-wide trend in both Public Sector and the field of education."University Governance" abroad has its theories and Practice for along time,accumulating much experience.At the same time when Governance Thrives and is introduced to our country, especially from the early1990s,scholars in our country discuss hotly about whether our education should be industrialization,marketed and privatized. At present, the university of management from the participation of citizens in perspective,China’s higher education management effectiveness relevant countermeasures and Suggestions there have been many, but he seems to lack a complete theoretical system of comprehensive support. At the same time, our country university governance theory is far behind the needs of the development of the situation, especially in the introduction of management ideas and tools on the concrete application of the lack of clear strategy guide. This paper attempts to explore the concept in education management extension of the field may be necessary from higher education, and change to build our university management perspective citizens to participate in an effective way. The article is the innovation points from governance reform in education realistic perspective gripping the problems and reasons, the western university management results, put forward to China’s national conditions of university governance of the citizen participating in the path.The article is divided into five chapters:the first chapter, the introduction. The paper summarize education management and citizen participation in higher education management used in higher in the field of the issue of origin, present situation of research, the research purpose, to the problems, the investigation innovation points and overall design paper. In the second chapter, the university management and civil society introduced the general theory. Analyzing the university management and the participation of citizens in theoretical basis and main power. The third chapter of citizens to participate in our country university governance value performance. Mainly from the citizen participation in higher education of university management socialization and the promoting function of democratization on to analysis, and to reflect the participation of citizens in the advantages of university governance. Chapter4, Chinese universities management of the citizen participating in the main realization way. Introduce the European and American countries the participation of citizens in the way and method of university governance, and combined with the reality and our country, put forward the suitable for China’s university go the way of the public governance feasible. Chapter5, summary. The universities of our country the citizen participation in management policy recommendations, of the article summarized the central idea.In short, the authors focused on higher education and public management of marginal zone, from cross governance reform and citizens to participate in the point of view of the university to investigate the internal law of development, trying to broaden the higher education discipline in theory of the approach, we make for the future of higher education management policy for reference, to help promote our country university governance reform, and eventually to reshape university, the university of an ideal and goal.
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