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Study On The Recessive Truancy Phenomenon In The Ideology Politics Class In Higher Vocational And Technical Colleges

Posted on:2016-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330470452349Subject:Ideological and political education
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The China Continent implemented the policy of college enrollment expansionsince1999, This policy had a positive effect, but also had a negative impact, skippingphenomenon which produced striking. With the gradual improvement of schoolattendance system, college students’“dominant truancy "phenomenon graduallyreduced, however, sleep, play phone, reading novels, and so " recessive truancy "phenomenon has became increasingly serious, the " recessive truancy " phenomenonin ideological and political class of vocational colleges is more serious, more dangerous,but not taken seriously. This study was expected to make an accurate description ofcollege students in the ideological and political class " recessive truancy " Phenomenon.Profound analysis of the causes of the various aspects of college students’ ideologicaland political class " recessive truancy " phenomenon, to offer correspondingcountermeasures from multiple directions for college students’ ideological and politicalclass " recessive truancy " phenomenon.This study uses four methods, including: Citations, surveys, field interviews andhands-on method. Which is mainly based on questionnaire-based, the sample of Shanxiten vocational college which includes1000students, to survey about the ideological andpolitical class " recessive truancy ". Come to the main content of this study, whichincludes the present situation of " recessive truancy " in Vocational Ideological andPolitical Class; analyze the causes of Vocational Ideological and Political Class "recessive truancy " Phenomenon; from multiple aspects to put forward correspondingcountermeasures for the" recessive truancy "in ideological and political class accordingto the causes.This study has its own innovations: Firstly, the study background is the class of theideological and political in vocational colleges. Secondly, using a hands-on method inthe research methods, by two years, as a part-time teachers in the ideological andpolitical course of vocational colleges, get a collection of first-hand emotional material. Thirdly, to explore the phenomenon causes and put forward the countermeasurescomprehensive which from the students’ own educational team, educational evaluation,school management and other aspects. Finally, in the education evaluation mechanismsto increase its assessment of students’ political and moral qualities, focus from the"all-round development of students,".Through research the following conclusions were drawn: Vocational Ideologicaland Political Class "recessive truancy " is serious which is caused by a variety of factors,Including students own reasons, ideological and political course itself features;construction of teachers is not sufficient; imperfect evaluation system; schoolmanagement system is not perfect. For these five reasons, this study to enhancestudents’ psychological, ideological and political education team building, improvingeducation evaluation system, establish and improve school management system and tomake recommendations in four areas, with a view to reduce the" recessive truancy "phenomenon of ideological and political class in vocational colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:technical and vocational college, ideological and politicaleducation, Recessive truancy
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