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Research On Internal Quality Assurance System For Cornell University Master Of Engineering Education

Posted on:2016-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The U.S. was the first to carry out the vocational guidance of a master’s degree in engineering( M.Eng.) education and has been set up a set of perfect training mode. In this process, it has been transferring a large number of talents to the industrial circle and enhancing the comprehensive strength for the United States. As the early college to practice the master of engineering education,Cornell University has developed steadily under the circumstance of 50 years of teaching experience and a solid foundation in scientific research. Its rich experience in quality assurance which can provides a reference for our country to construct a quality assurance system of engineering master.This paper selects the master of engineering education in Cornell University as the research object, using the training concept and the internal quality assurance system as the major aspects to research on the internal quality assurance system and specific operation mode. First of all, under the background of the history development of the master of American engineering education, we refining the three stages of its’ creation and put forward to promote the creation forces which are the need of social development as the outside driving force, the effective operation of the external quality assurance system as the supporting force and the university independent of quality consciousness and behavior as the internal force. Secondly, through the analysis of two different major cases,we discuss the characteristics of the internal quality assurance which are:adhere to "student-centered" concept;form the interdisciplinary training strategy; set up a long-term stability quality mechanism and a quality tracking and feedback system.The research shows that, due to the different training focus on the major features, the training goal setting and quality monitoring points are also showing differences in the quality assurance system. At last, on the basis of the successful experience of the master of engineering quality assurance system in Cornell University, we put forward some counter measures to improve the domestic internal quality assurance system of engineering master education which include: the regression of the essence of engineering education, strengthen the body consciousness of university in the quality assurance and to establish the internal quality assurance system like the dynamic quality tracking system and so on.The innovation of this study is mainly reflected in:(1) Methodological creativity: using the case analysis method to research the internal quality assurance system of the master of engineering education of Cornell University.(2) The paper raises that the creation result of the internal quality assurance system of American engineering education master is related to the three above-mentioned forces which include the outside driving force, supporting force and the internal driving forces.(3) Systematic to summary the internal quality assurance system of the master of engineering education of Cornell University : including the cultivation of "student-centered" concept,strategies of the interdisciplinary training that are throughout the whole process, mechanism of active endogenous stability, tracking mechanism of the long and dynamic effect the quality of the,and this system pays attention to the differences of majors.
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