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A Study Of English Reading Strategies Instruction In Senior High School

Posted on:2016-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482455371Subject:English Language Teaching
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Reading is a significant way to learn English for students. So it becomes an important research subject for the English teachers to improve students’ reading ability.English reading strategies play a key role in reading. It is necessary to know clearly about the general condition of the students’ reading strategies use and the teachers’ reading strategies instruction. This paper uses the questionnaire which is made according to the learning strategies classification of O’Malley and Chamot’s and the demand of the National English Curriculum Standards for General Senior High School(2003) to explore the situations in which the reading strategies are used by senior school students and are trained by senior school teachers.The participants consist of 100 senior three students and 15 senior teachers from Chengdu Tongjin Middle School. The author uses SPSS18.0 to analyze the data of questionnaires. The interviews are also conducted among 10 students and 5 teachers to find out factors influencing the difference between the students’ reading strategies use and the teachers’ reading strategies instruction focuses.The following are some major findings of this investigation:First, the overall frequency of reading strategies students use is “sometimes used”.Students sometimes use most strategies whose frequency is just a little bit higher than the average score. The students use cognitive strategies most frequently.Second, the overall frequency of teachers reading strategies instruction is “often instructed”, which is much higher than that of students’ use of reading strategies. Most strategies are often or always trained. The frequency of social/affective strategies instruction is the highest.Third, there are some factors influencing the difference in the students’ readingstrategies use and the teachers’ reading strategies instruction focuses. Most teachers reading strategies instructions are implicit in the strategy-embedded textbook teaching.They usually teach reading according to some reading activities designed in the textbook. The reading teaching tasks are not varied. Grammar and vocabulary teaching still occupies a lot of time in the reading class. Senior high students do not pay enough attention to English study and they lack systematic reading strategies training and consolidation practice.There are some pedagogical implications we can conclude from it.First, English teachers should lay emphasis on the instruction of various English reading strategies.Second, English teachers should add explicit and systematic reading strategy training to everyday reading teaching.Third, students should enlarge their after-class reading to consolidate reading strategies use.
Keywords/Search Tags:senior three students, reading strategies, reading strategies instruction
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