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Construction Project Planning Of Accounting Major In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2017-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, with the continuous development of Higher Vocational Colleges in our country, in the professional skill personnel training has an irreplaceable role.Accounting major is an important professional, through the analysis of market demand, almost all enterprises in the recruitment of accounting personnel, the need to at least 1-3 years of relevant work experience, therefore, to strengthen students’ accounting practice is particularly critical. From the current point of view, higher vocational colleges has been the construction of the accounting training room,through the school manual simulation, computer simulation and ERP sand table simulation training to help students understand accounting theory knowledge,familiar with the accounting business process, improve the ability to practice.However, there are still some problems in the construction of accounting training room in higher vocational colleges, such as: the shortage of training ground, training function is single, the teachers’ power is weak, and so on. Therefore, this paper takes a higher vocational college as an example, to the accounting professional training room construction project to plan, give full play to the role of the training room.Taking A Vocational College as an example, this paper follows the principle of finding problems, analyzing problems and solving problems, comprehensive use of literature research, questionnaire survey, comparative analysis, field analysis and qualitative analysis, to understand the current situation and problems, and then put forward the countermeasures to solve the problems. Firstly, based on the domestic and foreign research, combining the situation cognition theory, autonomous learning theory, multiple intelligence theory, core competence theory, and the theory of supplyand demand, this case study will lay a solid theoretical foundation. Then, through the questionnaire survey analysis to understand the current situation and problems of the construction of accounting training room in vocational colleges, the A vocational school training base construction on the existence of a single investment, innovation consciousness is not strong, the construction of unreasonable positioning, the overall quality of teachers to improve and other issues, and in the construction of school training room is not reasonable, the lack of funding and policy support, lack of information feedback. At last, according to the existing problems, the paper puts forward some solutions to the problems: to standardize the training base, improve the cooperative operation mechanism, strengthen the government support, pay attention to the real needs of the enterprise, strengthen the communication between the two sides, and strengthen the construction of teachers.Through the government, enterprises and vocational colleges to build a set of efficient and fast accounting professional training room scheme, and effectively solve the problems existing in the construction of the school and the school accounting training room, improve students’ ability to practice accounting, and promote the construction of accounting professional training room in Higher Vocational Colleges to achieve professional, standardized, scientific and sustainable development of the road.
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