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Study On The Operation Of The Cross Strait Of Taiwan

Posted on:2017-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330485475447Subject:Social sports guidance
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2014 is referred to in the reform of physical education in the first year, the State Council, the State Sports General Administration promulgated a policy of reform of sports, the sports industry was identified as the focus of reform, which objectively need a complete set of operation mode. Under the background of peaceful coexistence, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and sports exchange activities more and more frequently, and sports in the cross-strait exchanges can play a positive role, swimming in large population base, to promote the development of the sports industry and enhance the health of all the people, to promote the national fitness campaign has a crucial role. This paper mainly to 2014 Hsinchu Pingtan Strait relay across the Taiwan Strait activities "as the object of study (hereinafter referred to as across the Taiwan Strait activities), using the method of literature, interview, case law research, from the aspects of the operation status across the Taiwan Strait activities, influencing factors, operation enlightenment, value embodiment of systems analysis, for subsequent crossing activities held to provide theoretical and practical basis, to promote across the open water swim activity, fitness, sports industry development provide valuable theoretical basis.The main conclusions of this paper are as follows:1. Across the Taiwan Strait activities pre need good application, route, hydrology and meteorology, relay, athletes choose dial training, equipment, protective measures to do thorough preparation; since the mid end activity focused on demonstrating the territorial characteristics, media propaganda expanded the influence of the whole process; post event planning built across the Taiwan Strait Monument and carry out across the Haitan Strait open national fitness activities landing.2. The influence of across the Taiwan Strait operation factors including the favorable and unfavorable factors, favorable factors including the outstanding advantage of the policy, a unique geographical advantage, organized sports activities of professional, departments in charge of leadership attention, through the concerted efforts of the relevant functional units, strong security guarantee, the entire television live, the crossing of the team spirit. Adverse factors include the approval process is complex, equipment failure, night swimming pressure, marine biological disturbance, hydrological and meteorological changes.3. Across the Taiwan Strait operational activities promoted the open water swimming crossing, promote the development of sports tourism industry, enhance the Pingtan and Hsinchu City brand influence, promote cultural exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits plays a crucial role in promoting.4. Across the Taiwan Strait operational activities should strengthen equipment security work, improve the athlete’s psychological ability, strengthen safety management of the athletes, improve the accuracy of hydrological and meteorological data, strengthen the risk management of emergency response plan, effective use of new media platforms.
Keywords/Search Tags:open water area, swimming, sports event, sports communication, Cross Strait
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