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The Current Situation,Problems And Countermeasures Of The Development Of Master’s Degree In Modern Educational Technology

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The direction of the modern education technology of full-time Master of education professional degree graduate education aims to cultivate a modern education concept and education, teaching and scientific research ability, with higher levels in primary and secondary schools and secondary vocational schools information technology teaching and instructional information resources development and application of the backbone teachers. Modern educational technology direction professional degree education full-time Master of Education in the development process will inevitably encounter problems and challenges. The status of master of modern educational technology research on the regional distribution of discipline construction of educational technology in China, the establishment of higher education research institutions, modern educational technology professional master layout optimization adjustment is of great significance. The article uses the literature research, SWOT analysis, comparative analysis, content analysis, word frequency analysis and other methods to analyze research. The research content mainly includes the following six parts:The first part is the introduction. On the basis of the research review, this paper expounds the significance, research ideas and methods, as well as the core concept definition.The second part is the development of modern education technology professional degree graduate status. Respectively from professional enrollments layout situation, training department, research direction, enrollment, examination subjects such as dimension, through a large amount of data to analyze its development present situation and development trend.The third part is SWOT analysis of the development of modern educational technology professional master’s degree. By means of SWOT analysis tool, in G University as an example, from the advantages of the external environment opportunities and threats, internal conditions and disadvantages of the four aspects to the development of modern educational technology master analysis, in order to promote the healthy and stable development.The fourth part is the modern education technology professional degree graduate education survey and problems. Through research on the direction of full-time status of modern educational technology master degree of Master of Education development, which found that the Western Minority Areas of Educational Technology Building inadequate investment; lack of modern educational technology Master Ethnic Universities; undertake Modern Educational Technology Talents the lack of scientific research institutions; examination subjects academic and Master of educational technology identical; course test different types of complex materials selection; training talented single issues, and analyze the causes of the problem.The fifth part is the development of modern education technology professional degree graduate problem solving suggestions. According to the problems existing in modern education technology direction of full-time Master of education professional master’s degree programs of development, put forward to strengthen the investment and construction in ethnic areas in the western modern educational technology postgraduate; additional ethnic universities and colleges, modern educational technology professional master degree; promote the master degree and education technology research institutions joint training graduate students; emphasis on integration examination subjects and practice needs; professional class exam content and in the field of educational technology of dynamic combination; develop a diversified personal talents training objectives targeted countermeasures.The sixth part is elaborated the research conclusion and the research prospect.
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