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An Investigation Study On Multiple Stakeholders’ Views On Quality Concept And Quality Evaluation Of Kindergarden Education

Posted on:2017-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330488494669Subject:Pre-primary Education
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Multiple stakeholders’participation in the process of quality evaluation is a prevailing concept in the reform of early childhood education(ECE). Based on questionnaire investigation and observational assessment, the current study aimed to gain better understanding on multiple stakeholders’(i.e., kindergarten directors, teachers, and parents) views on ECE quality, seeking to find out the underlying factors accounting for the differences between their evaluation results. It also attempted to provide empirical evidences to formulate scientific framework for kindergarten education quality evaluation and to explore effective ways for kindergarten directors and teachers to improve their abilities to conduct professional evaluation.The Questionnaire on Views of ECE Program Quality Evaluation was used to collect data on 97 kindergarten leaders,291 teachers,873 parents’ views on kindergarten quality and their evaluation on 232 kindergarten classrooms. At the same time, Chinese Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (Trial version; CECERS) was applied to collect data on these 232 classrooms by trained external raters. Through Descriptive Statistics,t-test, ANOVA, Correlation Analysis, and Multiple Regression, different stakeholders’views and their evaluation results on kindergarten education quality were carefully analyzed to compare their similarities and differences, to explore the impact of their viewpoints to evaluation results, and to examine the consistence between different stakeholders and external evaluators.The study results showed that:(1) Teachers and directors had much consistency and a little difference on the understanding of kindergarten education quality.(2) Directors, teachers, and parents each had misunderstanding concerning their ECE quality concepts.(3) The differences on ECE quality concepts and evaluation results among different stakeholders resulted from their roles, positions, needs, and structure of their personal knowledge.(4) There was low level of evaluation consistence between directors, teachers, parents and external evaluators.Based on the study results and thorough discussion on related issues, the researcher provided several suggestions in order to improve kindergarten quality evaluation and to promote professional development of directors and teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Stakeholders, Kindergarten Education, Quality Concept, Quality Evaluation
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