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A Study On The Current Situation Of Career Planning And Strategies For Senior High School Students

Posted on:2017-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After graduating from high school, most students choose to get futher education or to make direct employment, and thus they become the main labor force in our country. Senior high school students’professional quality and professional ability, not only determine their personal career development, but also affect the overall quality of China’s talent and labor force. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out career education in senior high school. However, owing to many limitations, senior high schools lack career planing experience. Learning the current situation of career planing helps us know the importance to carry out career education in senior high school, and thus pushing the process.Through a questionnaire survey of senior high school students of a middle school of Baishan City, this paper analyzes and discusses the data from the school principals, head teachers and students with different learning levels, and draws the following conclusions:1.Most senior high school students’career development status is that they have a strong sense of career anxiety, their professional cognitive level and professional planning ability is ordinary.2. Variable factors affect the career development of senior high school students, among which are academic achievement, gender and different grades.3. High school students’career planning education lacks universality and pertinence.According to the conclusions, the following suggestions are put forward:1. Complete the system of occupation career planning education in the high school stage to help students to do a good job planning preparation.2. Value the study planning in senior high school to lay the foundation for students future development.3. Carry out career education among all the students in the high school stage, paying attention to the unity of popularization and difference.
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