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Existing Condition Analysis And Researching Into The Strategy About Teacher Team Of Newly—built Undergraduate College

Posted on:2017-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330488984721Subject:Higher Education
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Over the last decade, the newly-built undergraduate colleges development rapidly, it has become the main force in the process of higher education in our country. The predecessor of newly-built undergraduate colleges are mostly higher vocational colleges, because of the historical and realistic reasons, the education quality in newly-built undergraduate colleges is criticized by people increasingly. The improvement of education quality lies in the improvement of the level of Teachers. Therefore, How to strengthen the construction of teachers, improve the overall quality of teachers, promote the improvement of education quality, and cultivate the advanced applicative talents, needed by the social has become an most important problem in the background of newly-built undergraduate colleges need to transformation.Through the statistical analysis of the state data of teachers of 37 newly—built undergraduate colleges in 21 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), This study explores the current situation of teachers in newly—build undergraduate colleges, analyzes the existing problems and reasons, and Proposed specific comments. In this process, using the method of empirical research, analyzing from the macro, meso and micro levels.Specifically, the paper is divided into five parts. The first part is the introduction, which mainly expounded the origin, significance, current situation and ideas of the research. The second part is the theoretical exploration, which defined the concept of newly-built undergraduate colleges, teacher, teachers team, expounded the theoretical basis of the paper. The third part is the present analysis, we analyzed from six aspects of the newly-built undergraduate colleges’teachers:the number of teachers, the structure of teachers, the state of full time teacher, the level of teaching, the situation of training, the structure of professional leaders. The fourth part is the summary analysis, through the analysis of the current situation of the newly-built undergraduate colleges’ teachers, to sum up the existing problems, and explore the root which cause the problems. The fifth part is the countermeasures and suggestions, in this part, we put forward specific targeted suggestions to solve the existing problems of the teachers team.The main conclusion of this paper is that the quantity of teachers is not sufficient, the structure of teachers is unreasonable, the proportion of double teachers is low, the level of teaching needs to be improved, the training is relatively weak, the number of high-level talent is shortage. To solve these problems, the colleges should, pay more attention to the connotation development, optimize the structure of teachers, improve the level of learning, strengthen the teacher training, promote the teacher’s development. The government should be reasonable regulation, increase the input of funds.
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