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Design And Implementation Of Programmable Network-based4Axis Motion Control Card Based On ARM And FPGA

Posted on:2015-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330422489598Subject:Electrical engineering
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At present,lots of motion control cards is designed to be embedded inside the PCusing PCI or ISA interface, Even if the whole motion controlsystem needs minimum PC resources must be equipped with a PC as well.Theunused parts not only cause the waste of resources,also go against the systemminiaturization.At the same time due to the development of motion control systemneeds developers have rich professional knowledge in motion control,machinery andmany other fields,So that general programmable development platform which is easyto be used to secondary development is urgent tool needed to alleviate thedifficulties in the process of development.In this context, By analysis the composition of a motion control system andcommon functionality. a programmable motion control card with communicationnetwork interface is designed.The hardware of this motion control card is based on ARM FPGA. UsingEthernet interface for data transmission.Generally, except motion actuators a motioncontrol system also has the relaies,lights,buttons,and any other peripherals needed tobe control,in order to meet these requirements the board provide programmable IOinterface,developers can realize these control functions which will callback by thesoftware framework,according to the actual system requirements.Two serial ports,anda USB interface is also designed to meet the demand of system extend in the future.The programmable development platform is composed of software framework,development assistant software,Keil IDE and motion control card library.Softwareframework adopts hierarchical task structure,using the callback mechanism to realizethe user interface layer,developers does not need to well understand the complicatedsoftware framework,just provide the related functions which are needed byframework.Development assistant software is responsible for trajectory datapreprocessing,network communication,and resource parameters configuration.Debugging tool is also included as well.Before compiling process, Keil automatic invoke this software to help developers complete the configuration of resources in aintuitive way.Library function is the encapsulation of the hardware operations to helpdevelpers realize system application easier.Developers can use self realize functionsas a supplement to the library as well.In the algorithm part,The look forward pretreatment algorithm is performed on thetrajectory data firstly,and then implemente acceleration and deceleration control andpulse distribution according to S speed curve,finally passing the preprocessed datainto the FPGA DDA interpolation algorithm to obtain direction and pulse signal todrive the motor driver.This paper will be divided into seven chapters to give a detail introduce about theimplementation mentioned above,A function test of this motion control card isproposed,in the end of this thesis,The work metioned above is a start and laid afoundation for subsequent research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Programmable, Ethernet-based, Motion control card, Control algorithm, Layered software framework
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