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Adjacent Cross Coupling Synchronous Control Method Based On Sliding Mode Variable And Its Implementation

Posted on:2015-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431482502Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In recent years, the Research on Multi-axis synchronization controlhave drawn more and more public interest, and it has been widely used inindustrial production, solved many practical problems in engineering andgained great economic benefits.However,the Multi-axis synchronizat-ion system is a model with multiple variables and nonlinearity, therefore,it has put forward higher requirements for the control of the system.Thepaper focus on the synchronization performance and robustness for themulti-axis synchronization system,a systematic and deep investigation isdone from theoretical analysis, algorithm design, simulation study totechnology implement etc.The major contents can be summarized as follows:The method and existing problems in Multi-axis synchronizationcontrol are generalized and summarized after an widely survey of itscurrent theories and technological development.It proposes that adjacentcross coupling synchronous method is effective to solve the contradictionbetween the number of axis and control complexity.For the convergence of existing adjacent cross coupling synchronouscontrol, conditions that the synchronization errors can just converge tozero have been got theoretically. It provides a theoretical basis for theadjacent cross coupling synchronization method used in multi-axissynchronization system.For the control requirements of multi-axis synchronization systemstrong robustness and engineering practicability, permanent magnetsynchronous motor as the actuator, the uniaxial tracking controller andsynchronization error controller based on sliding mode variable aredesigned, it achieved insensitivity to external disturbances and easyengineering realization.For the implementation of multi-axis synchronization control system,a synchronization control experiment system based on Digital SignalProcessor is designed. The overall design of hardware and softwaresolutions is presented, the principle of hardware circuit is analyzed in detail, some of the key source programs are shown. Experimental resultsindicate the correctness and efficiency of the methods proposed in thispaper.Researches done in this paper have great reference value and guidingsignificance for the theories study of multi-axis synchronization control.
Keywords/Search Tags:Synchronous Control, adjacent cross coupling, Sliding ModeVariable Structure, PMSM
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