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Design And Implementation Of Integrated Signal Processing System Of Time Grating Based On STM32F4

Posted on:2015-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431977034Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Time Grating sensor adopts the theory of the "time-space coordinate transformation"to measure space with time, achieving precise displacement measurement withoutprecision mechanical scribed line, thus being increasingly applied to the fields of NCmachine tools and other precision displacement measurement with gradual developmentfrom the theory, experimental stage to the market and commerce.However, the various parts of driving power supply, signal acquisition and processing,data processing and error compensation are completed separately by different processorchips since grating signal processing system adopts modular structure design. With thewide application of Time Grating sensor, its disadvantages become increasingly apparent.In the first place, the usage of different chip by each module leads to high production costand tedious program download; In the second place, the requirement of designing differentkinds of power supply for the chips means that the design is complex; last but not least, theseparated design expands the processing system volume, not conducive to integratedapplications.Considering the above insufficient signal processing system, we put forward anintegrated grating displacement sensor signal processing system based on single chip microcontroller, it successfully combines the occurrence of the excitation signal, the sensorsignal processing and acquisition, data processing and error compensation into a singlechip, undoubtedly improving the integration degree of the signal processing, simplifyingthe production process and reducing the production cost.After a comprehensive analysis of performance requirements of the grating sensorsignal processing system and the various micro control processing ability on the market,this design chooses the M4kernel STM32F4VGT micro-controller produced by the STcompany as the main control chip, direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) technology asthe design of the excitation source, and input capture function of the chips to collect theinduction signal.FPU and DSP integrated by the chip instruct units to complete data processing andalgorithm, using the multi probe method to achieve error separation, and Fourier seriesharmonic correction technology to complete error correction, which accomplishes the design of grating sensor signal processing system with the single chip processing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Time grating sensor, Signal processing, Integration, STM32F4
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