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Research On Intelligent Embedded Home Gateway Based On S3C6410

Posted on:2015-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431992422Subject:Computer application technology
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The progress of science and technology enhance family’s needs of the public in this society. How to provide a simpler, more convenient life has been plagued by many IT suppliers. With the rapid development of embedded technology and modern information technology, the desire of convenient and intelligent home life will become no longer so far. We can consider each intelligent electric appliance as a network node in our house, and form them as Home network, then connect with the Internet. In this way, through the Internet we can send commands to the home network, so as to achieve the control of household appliances.The thing to change the information between internal network and external network is the embedded intelligent home gateway designed in this paper. Intelligent home gateway is the bridge between home network and Internet, and plays the role to convert information. It is not only the information sender but also the information receiver.In this paper, the embedded intelligent home gateway which we design has the advantages of the low power consumption, small size, easy to place and move, etc. The main contents of this paper are as follows:1. Do a simple comparison and analysis between domestic and international home gateways, and sum up the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and international existing home gateways. There have many differences between the design of foreign and domestic home gateways in protocols and standards. The domestic existing home gateway which has disadvantages such as high power consumption and large volume can not meet people’s demands for family life. This paper also stressed that in order to meet the demands of people’s family life, Design of a family of embedded intelligent gateway become more and more urgent.2. This design of the whole system adopts a top-town design pattern. The first step is analyzing the overall functionality of the home gateway which will be designed, then spite the system into individual small modules and analyzed. This is a widely used embedded system design mode. At the same time, we also do a research and a selection of hardware and software systems, and choose the suitable hardware and software systems for this system. 3. In the previous section, on the basis of structural analysis of embedded intelligent gateway functions, we describe in detail the process that design the intelligent home gateway hardware units which take S3C6410based on ARM11as the core. At the same time, the hardware structure and design process of wireless communication module is also introduced.4. In the choice of operating system, this paper use ARM-Linux as an embedded operating system. ARM-Linux is an open source operating system and this system can be cut. In this section, we describe in detail the transplantation process of Linux and Boot loader.5. The user can view the status of household appliances and send commands to control the household appliances through the Web page. Therefore, in the embedded system design, we use the BOA as an embedded server, use SQLite as an embedded database system, and use CGI technology to achieve information interaction with the user.Now, the design of a user-friendly embedded intelligent home gateway has been completed. In later life, with the maturation of embedded technology and information technology, intelligent home gateway will be continually updated and improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded system, intelligent home gateway, Linux, CGI, Zigbee, Wireless communication technology
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