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Design And Analysis Of A Hybrid Loading/Unloading Manipulator

Posted on:2015-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330452454647Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Automatic stamping production line is an inevitable trend of stamping production,including material transport, products and wasted discharge, mould replacement,adjustment and operation, punch stamping process abnormal condition surveillanceoperation process automation, wherein the material transport is the basic of the entireproduction line automation. In this paper, taking a large compressor as an example designof a hybrid loading/unloading manipulator, the manipulator can realize automatic feeding,improve production efficiency, reduce the potential safety hazard, which possess highvalue in society.Based on the design requirements of the stamping production, this hybridloading/unloading manipulator consists of three parts: the horizontal guide rail,6-PSSparallel mechanism,extend arm and the end-picking device. Motions mainly include: the6-PSS parallel mechanism translate on the horizontal guide rail, translation and rotation ofthe6-PSS parallel mechanism, extend arm’s translation relative to the moving platform ofthe6-PSS parallel mechanism, the end-picking device’ translation relative to the extendedarm.Work out the calculate position and positive position,draw out the workspace of the6-PSS parallel mechanism by using Matlab, find out and analysis factors which affect theworkspace; design series parallel path planning of the manipulator then draw out thetendency of velocity, acceleration and displacement. Analysis Statics and dynamics of themanipulators.According to the designed trajectory of hybrid manipulator, accomplished thesimulation of the manipulator, and measured velocity, acceleration, displacement anddriving force of some parts of the manipulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:automatic press line, hybrid, loading/unloading robot, position analysis, workspace analysis, trajectory planning, motion simulation
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