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Routing Protocol Research For Wireless Sensor Network Based On Double Cluster Heads And Energy Balance

Posted on:2015-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q M WanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330452958006Subject:Computer application technology
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As a novel way of acquiring information technology, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) havebeen an attractive research focus all over the world. Wireless sensor networks consist of manylow-cost and low power consumption sensor nodes, forming an autonomous network system viawireless communication. Its purpose is to sense, collect and process the information of thevarious conditions or the detected objects in the coverage area of the networks, and send it to theuser. With the features of rapid tissue, great invulnerability, with no need for fixed Networksupport and so on, WSNs have a very broad application prospect. This new technique hasattracted the attention of academia and industrial community.This article focuses on the routing protocol for WSNs. WSNs have some inherent features,such as the limited hardware resources, lots of nodes, and a high degree of application-related, allof those cause the traditional routing protocols can’t be applicable to WSNs. And we must designnew routing protocols. In WSNs, the number of sensor nodes is so large and single node isextraordinarily limited in resource, so the protocol should be effective to reduce the networkenergy and prolong its lifetime. At present, there are many routing protocols for WSNs, of whichLEACH is the typical clustering routing protocol. It is the hot-spot in recent years, also being theresearch priorities of this article.This article is based on above statements and it is focusing on the energy saving optimization.The main works of this article can be described as follows:1. Introduce the algorithm principle and operational process about LEACH in detail. Analyzethe performance and shortage of the traditional algorithm, provides a theoretical basic for thenext parts.2. For the shortages of the LEACH algorithm, this article puts forward a new algorithmcalled LEACH_EE_DCH. First, make a reasonable divisions for the network areas by calculatingthe network parameters, which makes up the problem of cluster heads can’t making uniformdistribution in networks.3. In the cluster head selection algorithm, it focuses on the threshold formula of thealgorithm, and designs a new threshold formula. This article puts forward to consider the factorof the node energy in the threshold formula. Combined with the division of the network, thethreshold formula considers the node numbers of the area.4. It puts forward and designs a new operating mechanism of double cluster heads, designsdouble cluster heads algorithm aimed at cluster head has heavy tasks in the LEACH algorithm, tobalance the energy consumption of the cluster head nodes. At the same time, for balancingnetwork energy in the communication process, it adopts routing mechanism strategy combined of single-hop and multi-hop among cluster head nodes, normal nodes and sink node.5. Finally, the new protocol has been given the simulation by the MATLAB software. Theexperimental results show that the improved clustering routing protocol has better improvementin the node survival time, and the network lifetime. It effectively improved the balance of energyconsumption of the network.
Keywords/Search Tags:wireless sensor network, clustering routing protocol, LEACH, double cluster heads
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