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Remote Transparent Transmission Seiral Server Based On Optical Fiber

Posted on:2015-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of Internet technology, more and moreindustrial field equipment need to access Ethernet to transmit the data tothe remote host. At present, used serial server is a protocol conversiondevice, usually serial server has an Ethernet port and a number ofasynchronous serial interface, on one hand, handle the client data fromthe Internet via Ethernet port to send it to the appropriate serial port; Onthe other hand, deal with serial data through the Ethernet port to send it tothe remote.In recent years, with the fiber-optic communications technology hasmade great development, providing an opportunity to the serial port severto upgraded, the fiber optic serial protocol integrated into the serverthrough optical fiber communication network, Ethernet fiber protocolconverter chip used to replace the existing serial server Ethernetcontrollers, which makes fiber-optic serial communication with the serveritself, so that the distance and speed of transmission can be protected, tomake up for the Ethernet transmission distance is short and fast transferrates defects, while achieving transparent transmission serial serverimprove the static interference, to ensure the security of data transmission,serial data through a faster and safer way to transport to the remote, howto make optical fiber communication technology applications to the current serial servers become increasingly popular subject.Firstly, with a brief introduction to the status of the server’s serialport development at home and abroad, at the same time, in order to learnmore about the history of serial servers, combined with the developmentof microcontroller, describes the current usage mainstreammicrocontroller; then in the third chapter and the fourth chapterintroduces the design of serial port server hardware part and softwarepart; finally, the fifth chapter has carried on the test to the circuittransparent remote transmission serial server based on optical fiber, theexperimental results meet the requirements of industrial field, collectedfrom the bottom serial data can be accurate, reliable and stabletransmission to the host computer via serial port server, users can use thereal-time monitoring to the industrial field devices. Humanized design,the product can be applied to many areas of electricity, communications,industrial control, etc., the market outlook is quite extensive.
Keywords/Search Tags:Serial communication, Optical fiber communicationtechnology, TCP/IP protocol, CodeWarrior, Transparent transmission
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