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Research On Key Technology Of Robot Off-line Programing Based On Steel Cutting

Posted on:2014-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330452969736Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Comparing to traditional working process of profile steel, with the advantages ofhigh automatic and intelligent, robots have been widely used in the field of steelprocessing industry to increase the product efficiency and quality. The traditionalon-line teaching programming is hard to satisfy the requirements of dealing complextasks. Therefore, based on graphical programming technology and robot off-lineprogramming technology, key technologies, facilitating the practical application ofrobot off-line programming, are researched to improve the efficiency and quality ofsteel processing in this dissertation. The main research contents are listed as follows.1. In order to satisfy the generations of cutting program automatically, STEPneutral files which reserve the data of3D design model of profile steel are introduced.The whole structure of design model, containing topological parameter informationand geometrical parameter information, are constructed through analysis of structureand entity character information of STEP neural files. Based on the hierarchicalrelationship of “Shell-Face-Loop-Edge-Vertex”, the needed processing parameter canbe extracted from design model directly which lays the solid foundation of subsequentgeneration of program automatically.2. From the practical application of robot off-line programming, generationtechnology of robot cutting targets, calibration technology of tool coordinate systemand object coordinate system and interpolation technology of cutting path areresearched in this thesis, respectively. The groove angle of profile steel is modeling toadjust the gesture of robot in the cutting process.3. Based on the analysis of functions of robot off-line programing, the applicationsoftware is developed by using ABB PC-SDK and C#on the platform of VisualStudio2008. Furthermore, two ways, generating robot task targets, are proposed andresearched to complete the generation of cutting program and drive robot to move.According to the character of profile steel, the cutting processing path is researched.4. Using RobotStudio as the simulation environment, a research on ABBIRB1600-type robot for cutting H steel is executed to verify the performance of cutting program generated by the development off-line programing system. Thesolution to solve the problems of unreachable position and gesture are proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Robot Off-line Programing, Steel Cutting, Parameter Extraction, Trajectory Interpolation
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