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Design Of The Smart Home Environment Monitoring System Based On ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

Posted on:2016-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330464458938Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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With the maturing of the Internet of Things technology(IOT), which has the advantage of convenient, flexible, low-cost, the Smart Home system developed rapidly. Alone with the improvement of economic, scientific and technological innovation, people are more and more focus on home living environment. Traditional methods already could not satisfy the modern people to the high comfort, high intelligent home living requirement. The ARM embedded system is hard core technology, based on ARM embedded technology and Wireless Sensor Network in a smart home environment monitoring system research has practical application value and practical significance.On the basis of a large number of domestic and foreign literature, research and improve the overall system initialization speed, and sensor node with PC communication speed, realizes automatic and manual control of smart home. Main contents are as follows:1.Research on Wireless Sensor Network(WSN). By comparing the four techniques, the final selection of Smart Home system networking technology is the low cost, low power consumption, low complexity Zig Bee technology.2.In this paper, we describe the origin of Zig Bee technology, technical characteristics, application field. Meanwhile,Zig Bee overall structure was introduced in detail and analyzed the physical layer and MAC layer, network layer and application layer protocol specification and specific function.3.The design of the slave system, mainly to achieve the collection environment information and send the command. In this paper, we choose ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103VCT6 chip as the main chip of the smart home system. Through the way of direct manipulation to enhance the rate of register initialization, the advantages of high performance, low cost, low power consumption has been further played.DIGI company XBee-Pro module are chosen as the coordinator and all end devices to be a innovation, which follows the standard Zig Bee protocol. Its low cost, low power consumption and easy to use even more advantages to optimize the home wireless sensor networks. In this system, which has light collection node, smoke node, temperature, humidity node, ventilation node and fire extinguishing node Each node communicates to XBee-Pro module via the Zig Bee protocol. The XBee-Pro module runs in transmission mode, the module parameters are set using the AT command After debugging the XBee-Pro module, its data transmission becomes more rapid, steady information becomes more safety and reliable.4.Design of the host computer system, mainly to achieve the main control system and information display function. PC interface use the simple graphical programming language Lab VIEW to design a Smart home presentation interface. Depending on the needs of each node, realize to judging the environment parameter and then complete control of the household environment requirements.Finally, after each node and communication equipment has been tested successfully, start the whole system. After verification, this system is stable communication, accurate data acquisition, command execution quickly. It completed the design requirements and has certain reference value and practical value for the Smart Home system.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Internet of Things, Smart Home, ZigBee protocol, XBee-Pro
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