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Interactive Virtual Surgery Simulation Of Rnasopharynx Based On Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2016-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330479499246Subject:Biomedical engineering
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In recent years, computer technology and computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and other medical imaging technology have made great development. Virtual reality technology has been increasingly applied to the modern medical field. Virtual reality technology can improve the physician awareness of human tissues and organs and complex surgical operations tasks. Virtual reality technology can be used to simulate the realistic scenes of the surgery. And doctors can design surgical procedure in the virtual environment established by computer to help them choose the best surgical route, reduce surgical injury, improve the success rate of surgery. Virtual surgery simulation has great significance for medical diagnosis and surgery due to its noninvasive examination means. The nasopharynx is very complex and there are a lot of important neural system. The research on virtual surgery simulation of nasopharynx is a difficulty in the related field and has great application value.The key virtual surgery simulation technologies of nasopharynx including the modeling and simulation of surgical instruments, the reading and display of nasopharynx model in OpenGL, collision detection, elastic deformation and force feedback, etc. In this paper, the research focus on the collision detection problem. First of all, the realistic of the surgical instrument model and the reading and display of the model in OpenGL have been considered. This subject using 3D Studio Max for modeling and simulation of the surgical instruments. For nasopharyngeal surgery, nasal mucosa knife is mainly used to incision the skin surface and cutting tissue. Nasal curet is mainly used for shaving pathological tissue. In order to fully simulate the surgical procedure, this paper established a nasal mucosa knife and a nasal curet. Secondly, based on three-dimensional reconstruction in vtk this paper draw and display the nasopharynx three-dimensional model in OpenGL. Nasopharynx model is given under different angles of view. Thirdly, due to the complexity of anatomical structure of the nasopharynx and the clinical needs, axis- aligned bounding boxes(AABB) is used to detect the collisions between the virtual surgical instruments and nasopharynx three-dimensional model. In this paper good results have been achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:OpenGL, nasopharynx virtual surgery simulation, surgical instruments modeling, 3D display, collision detection
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