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Reasearch On Intergrated Schedule And Resource Coordination Under The Multi-project Management

Posted on:2015-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330431488703Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the rapid development of China’s market economy, the phenomenon thatconstruction enterprises are in the multi-project management environment is becomingmore and more common. Therefore, in order to survive and have a foothold somewherein the fierce market competition, a lot of construction enterprises gradually pay attentionto the multi-project management, but the multi-project management of the enterprises isstill in initial stage. During the course of the multi-project management there have noteffective way to solve the problem of conflict such as scheduling problem underresource constraints.Enterprises have transferred the project management pattern from the traditionalsingle project management to the multi project management. However there existssimilarity between projects or tasks. Sometimes projects or tasks need to use the samekind of resource of the enterprise’s, but the resources, which are limited, could notsatisfy the requirement of different projects. It leads to the asymmetrical allocation ofresources.The project which does not get the resources it needed will delay its schedule.How to utilize the limited resources to meet the requirements of multi-project scheduleand how to use resources effectively under schedule requirements is the emphasis andkey point of multi-project management.Firstly the paper expounds the basic theory and the relevant knowledge ofmulti-project management. And then it illustrates the urgency and necessity ofmulti-project management for the construction enterprises. Under the environment ofmulti-project management, enterprises have to take account of the limited resources.The projects that cannot get the resources in time will have a retarded time. If aindividual project have a delayed time, the time of other projects which have relation tothe delayed project is likely to be delayed. That is: Delayed project has cascadingeffects on the other relevant projects. So it is very important to manage multi-project forthe construction enterprises. And then the paper sets out lots of problems thatenterprises will encounter when managing multi-projects, analyzes various factorsrestricting the progress of the project. Then this paper studies the model and method ofmulti project scheduling that has been established, and then establishes a multi projectschedule integration and resource coordination model for construction enterprises, which introduces how to implement and optimize objective of the enterprise. Andthen the paper designs the procedure of the genetic algorithm. It combines a case toillustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the model. Finally the paper puts forwardsome countermeasures for multi project schedule management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-Project Management, Resources-Constrained, Project Scheduling, Genetic Algorithm
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