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How EBay Is Designed To Facilitate Trust Repair And Conflict Resolution

Posted on:2015-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The development of e-commerce dates back to1970s. But now, as a new type of business model, e-commerce is popular between enterprises and becomes a indispensable part of our life. As the competitive advantages become more obvious, such as convenience, high-efficiency, no geographic boundaries, low cost and high revenue, the risks of online transaction are more prominent as well, including fraud, instability of trust and frequently happened online conflicts. To control and prevent the risks above, we need to narrow down the research field to only customer to customer (C2C) e-commerce mode, sincethe risks are particularly serious inC2C mode, compared with B2B and B2C. There are a great number of C2C e-commerce platforms, such as Yiqu, Paipai, Taobao and eBay. Because of the extremely high volume of transactions and more than more than100million active users all over the world, this paper do the research of trust repair mechanism and conflict resolution only based on eBay community.According to the theory in the field of trust repair and online conflict resolution, we are going to reveal the gaps in the existing design of eBay. There are four research questions:1. The new type of online conflict in eBay;2. The causes of online conflict;3. Is there any difference between eBay buyers and eBay sellers when proposing conflict handling modes? What are the corresponded responses to each conflict handling modes?4. Do contextual properties have impacts on proposing conflict handling modes? If they do, are these impacts different between eBay buyers and eBay sellers? According to the results of our study, we have revealed a new type of online conflict-unjust feedback, which is proposed by eBay sellers. And the three main causes of online conflict are uncertainty of product, uncertainty of eBay buyers and eBay sellers and the culture difference. The result of our study has also shown that there is indeed a difference between eBay buyers and sellers when proposing conflict handling modes. No eBay buyers propose accommodation mode while accommodation is the second popular mode among eBay sellers. In addition, contextual properties do have an impact on proposing conflict handling modes and impacts are different to eBay buyers and sellers that social pressure made eBay sellers have to accommodate to their buyers. Finally, there are two gaps in the design of eBay community:1. The online negotiation is lack of compulsory;2. The protection to eBay buyer is higher than seller.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-commerce in C2C mode, trust repair mechanism, conflict resolution, eBay
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