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Guangdong Province Science And Technology Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Independent Innovation Ability Evaluation System Research

Posted on:2015-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Q ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330452960472Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Capacity for independent innovation is a driving force of science and technologydevelopment of small and medium-sized enterprises, the core competitiveness isthe technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprise survival and development, is theimportant way to enhance their own comprehensive strength of Guangdong technologyoriented small and medium-sizedenterprises, he fast steady economic growth play a crucialrole in our province. In China’s period of strategic opportunities to build aninnovation-oriented country, and further support the small and mid-sized enterprise strengtheninnovation ability, promote the innovation and development, in promoting the strategicadjustment of economic structure and accelerate the transformation of the mode of economicdevelopment plays an important role. In this article, through the study of guangdong smalland mid-sized enterprise independent innovation ability, build a scientific and operableevaluation system, make the guangdong enterprises to its own independent innovation leveland quality have a more objective evaluation.This paper takes the Guangdong science and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises as the research object. through the research of relevant theories on technologicalinnovation ability evaluation index system, refering to the research results about the enterpriseindependent innovation ability by scholars at home and abroad, combining the new situationof Guangdong Province Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise record analysis, according to the basic principles of establishing the evaluation index system, using theDelphy Fa organized a group of experts, the evaluation system of independent innovation ability in Guangdong Province Science and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises is constructed, and is carried on analysis and measured from two angles of qualitative andquantitative of each index. Then the feasibilitys of this evaluation system will be verified through the case analysis choosing select several Guangdong Province Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise.Finally, at the end of the article summarizes the research results, found that the researchand the direction of future improvement.This article is innovation methods work project of Guangdong province (2013b061000004) funding.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology based small and medium sized enterprises, capability of independentinnovation, Evaluation index, Innovation
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