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Comparative Study On Technological Innovation Of High-tech Enterprises

Posted on:2016-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z DangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330461979374Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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In recent years,with the development of economic globalization and increased competition between enterprises, the globalization of technological innovation is indisputable fact already. Technological innovation not only brings the rapid economic development to all the countries, but also promotes the progress of the human society. Since 2006, our country put forward the strategy of building an innovation oriented country, especially the "18th CPC National Congress"clearly requires to take the technological innovation as the driving force to promote the development of Chinese economic and society well and quickly.In the construction of innovation oriented country, enterprises are the main body of technological innovation. For the development of regional economy, technological innovation of high-tech enterprises have more responsibility and significance. In the global high-tech enterprises, Samsung and Huawei have became the world fist-class enterprise through continuous technological innovation. Researching and summarizing its successful experience has reference significance to the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu.This paper has four main parts. The first part mainly discusses and combed the theory about the technological innovation of high-tech enterprises, Including the concept about innovation of the Joseph A Schumpeter, the connotation of the technological innovation and its creativity, the mechanism and mode of technological innovation, the main type of technological innovation and high-tech enterprise as well as its strategy on technological innovation; The second part mainly compares and summarizes Samsung and Huawei as well as their characteristics and practical experience of technological innovation at different times. Then it compares and summarizes their common successful experience in the mode innovation, strategy, research and development, mechanism, culture, products and target positioning of of technology; The third part analyzes the present situation and problems of technological innovation of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu, including the brief of technological innovation in Jiangsuā€™s high-tech enterprises, area and regional distribution, the overall innovation capability and its problems;The fourth part summarizes the inspiration to the technological innovation in Jiangsu, which is from Samsung and huawei.mainly including the enlightenment on the innovation environment, the construction of system and mechanism, the construction of intellectual property and the development of the leading talents and enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological innovation, Samsung, Huawei, Jiangsu, High-tech enterprises
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