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Research On Cloud Service Platform For Small And Medium Enterprises Training Mode

Posted on:2016-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and medium-sized enterprise in China is an important part of the main body of the market economy, they play a significant role in the economic development of our country. however, with the development of society and increase the pressure of competition, the requirements of SMEs need to possess the technological content of the products, capital reserves, management ability and so on, and the use of health culture but to solve this all must depend on talent, because of the pressure of survival, few SMEs to employees, channel partners and customer training as an important work in the development of enterprises, and even think that this work can have no, leading to the development of enterprise talent shortage, sustainable development can not be good and expansion, seriously hindered the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, in order to cloud computing mode Saa S technology as the foundation, to lease form constantly in-depth application, already can provide cheap, efficient, continuous, generation operation, multi scene application service environment for the small and medium-sized enterprise training, application value to help the small and medium-sized enterprise culture on talent training in high.Under this background, this paper studies the cloud services platform model and what the structure can better help the small and medium-sized enterprises to establish a good training environment, so as to achieve the sustainable and efficient personnel training. This paper first analyzes the characteristics and requirements of the small and medium-sized enterprise training and relevant theory of cloud services platform and demand situation, expounds in detail the SME training characteristics, Saa S model, theory of cloud computing, cloud services platform technology, Saa S model for the construction of the small and medium-sized enterprise training based on cloud service platform model lays a theoretical foundation. Then in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise training system existing service mode are compared, concludes "training cloud service platform model free + cloud platform + operation", the model is more consistent with the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises and the reality of the situation, easy and universal application. Then, rely on their own planning and participation of the clouds school products, is proposed to solve the system platform function structure of the model, including the design principle, function structure, expounds the functions and characteristics of platform function describing, feel the training to help small and medium enterprises more intuitive cloud services platform, micro curriculum models focus on the creation of the free basic version, the whole scene cloud service application, training operation generation enterprises and the informal learning, re build to complete the training mode of small and medium sized enterprises. Finally, to illustrate the application value, the mode of operation of the company to the cloud of school development and the status quo of the development of the model at the same time, described the process of enlightenment and lessons, to help small and medium-sized enterprises understand the process and the value of the pattern generation, expect to be able to help SMEs to cultivate higher level in training and talent, no longer worry for the lack of qualified personnel, personnel training, staff turnover, the accumulation of knowledge and other issues, the development of more healthy.
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