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The Research On Problems And Policy Of Government Supportive For The SMEs

Posted on:2016-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As main participants in market economy, small and medium enterprises are the main power sources of economic growth and innovation, as well as the major promise for creating jobs and maintaining social stability. SMEs are playing an increasingly important part in economic development because of their flexibility、innovative and pluralism. But meanwhile, the limitations of the scale of the SMEs, management philosophy and anti-risk ability are restricting the sustainable development. The difficulty of financing, the pressure of industrial transformation and the increasing of human resource cost are obstructing the development of SMEs. In the background that the market economy reform and vigorously promote the transformation of government functions, how to play better in the role of guidance and support in the process of development and growth of SMEs is particularly critical. In recent years, end from which place, make policies and regulations to support the development of SMEs and encourage innovation and self-employed, which fully reflects that the development of SMEs is attracting attention by the government.At the same time, the implementation of the policy is not in place and practical, lack of pertinence and other problems still exist. To solve the production and management difficulties of SMEs, the government needs to completely change the concept and serve the market economy principle, streamlining administration and decentralization, refining service, and combining with the current situation of the regional development. The government should have a definite object in view, innovative service initiatives, broaden ideas and establish the SMEs service system for the whole society, combined with private and social capital.This paper expounds the theoretical basis of service-oriented government and the development of SMEs, showing that the necessity and urgency of supporting the development of SMEs by the government. Then enumerate a classification list of policies and measures in support of the development of SMEs set up by domestic and foreign government agencies, trying to find out the development trend of service policies.To deepen research in the relevant policies and suggestions, the paper is based on the current situation of the development of SMEs in Wuhan City, showing the status and potential of the development of SMEs through collecting the statistical data and historical data. The great contribution is made by SMEs in the development of national economic output value and increasing the rate of employment and tax etc. The paper also contains the difficulties in the development of SMEs in the city of Wuhan. On this basis, the policies and characteristical moves set up by governments at all levels in Wuhan city are shown in the paper. I also classified and summarized the progressiveness and shortcomings of the measures for supporting the development of SMEs, and try to explore the reasons which hinder the effective implementation of the policy. Finally, this paper puts forward suggestions on policies to support the development of SMEs, hoping to provide some helpful advice for the government to support the development of SMEs in terms of theoretical research and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and medium enterprises(SMEs), Support policies, Service- oriented government
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