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Investment Decision Support Model Of Power Grid Enterprise Based On System Dynamics

Posted on:2016-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330470971253Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Power grid enterprises is an important infrastructure industry and utility to protect the national economic development, social stability and harmony, and the development problem of which has always taken seriously. In the context of transformation of economic development and governance system, power companies need to further improve the investment program management, to continuously improve the power grid structure to meet the characteristics of its own development stage and development strategic objectives regularity, and thus more better serve the social and economic development. China’s power grid companies have also proposed homeopathy intensive, meticulous and standardized business management philosophy designed to improve the power grid enterprise management level and operational efficiency. Fixed asset investment is an important means to guarantee the power grid enterprises for sustainable development and the reliability of power supply, it is necessary to further strengthen the grid enterprise investment behavior control, correctly handle the investment and synergy benefits for power grid enterprises to improve operational efficiency and achieve strategic objectives, maximize the overall efficiency of the power grid, and then develop a scientific investment decisions.The grid investment decision optimization problems is mainly discussed in this paper from power grid enterprises comprehensive plan management perspective. First of all, grid development stage theory is introduced to analyze the development stage characteristics of power grid enterprises, and an actual area was taken as an example to clear the current stage of development of this area grid, data and theoretical support were provided for its future power grid development and investment decisions; secondly, based on system dynamics theory, a simulation model of grid investment plan was constructed, and a grid impact business investment articulation of various decision-making factors was build, and grid capacity investment plan advice was obtained; thirdly, linkage model between grid investment plan with key value index was constructed from the view of comprehensive economic and technical point based on the means of system dynamics analysis software-Vensim, which could carry the technical and economic calculations and dynamic adjustments to optimize network investment planning; finally, based on the development stage analysis, investment plans simulation and technical and economic calculation model, corresponding suggestions and comments for the investment decision support platform and relevant investment plan work was put forward in order to provide support and reference for the optimization of grid investment decisions.
Keywords/Search Tags:grid investment, comprehensive plan, system dynamics, dynamic simulation, technical and economic calculation
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