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Research On Risk And Regulation Of Equity Crowdfunding In China

Posted on:2016-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The popularity of the Internet and the financial services of the inclusive requirements of mutual integration to promote the continuous development of financial innovation based on the Internet, the equity crowdfunding is the product of this innovation, from its birth on the rapid development, more and more people’s attention.2015 government work report is required to carry out equity crowdfunding pilot, marking the arrival of the first year of equity crowdfunding.Equity crowdfunding is a kind of the internet finance, the financing of small equity crowdfunding through the internet. Equity crowdfunding to raise the development of small and micro financing to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises to open up a new way, but also through the ordinary investors to share high growth companies equity investment returns. Equity crowdfunding reduces the transaction costs of investment and financing, improve the efficiency of the two sides, optimize the allocation of resources for social and economic development to bring new power, but because of the financial nature of equity crowdfunding and the characteristics of the Internet, it also has a very big risk, if investors because of these risks and losses will cause financial turmoil, affecting social stability. Thus, this paper introduces the development of equity crowdfunding in China and the operation mode, the use of information asymmetry, principal-agent, market failure and other theories, from the perspective of investors to discuss the risk of equity crowdfunding development, and to address the current situation and regulatory issues, and the establishment of a special focus on the equity crowdfunding of the regulatory system and regulatory measures. We hope that through the full disclosure of equity crowdfunding risk, develop a more perfect supervision system, and then make the equity crowdfunding to raise the healthy and stable development of the Chinese economy, the development of China’s economy to add new impetus.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Finance, Equity Crowdfunding, Risk, Regulation
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