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Research On Modification Of Performance Management System For A City Commercial Bank

Posted on:2016-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330482464521Subject:Business Administration
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Performance management is one important part in the modern management mechanism of human resource, which connects the strategic goal of bank to the department and the employee, promotes the realization of management goal at the same time. With the rapidly growing competition in commercial bank, the importance of performance management is increasingly highlighted in bank. The strategy-oriented performance management has become the fundamental basis and guarantee of the bank. It is important to create a scientific performance management system for the commercial bank.The thesis analyzes the case of A city commercial bank, combining the situation by the ways of systematic analysis, case analysis, comparative analysis and step analysis. To establish a set of scientific and efficient performance management system and performance appraisal system, the thesis discusses how to improve the bank’s current performance management system and establish a more reasonable and feasible human resource allocation to improve staff’s zeal, initiative and creation.Firstly, the thesis retrospects the development line of performance management theory and lays special stress on introduction of balanced scorecard theory. By analyzing the current stage of performance management of A city commercial bank, we find this bank has the following problems on performance management system:(1) A city commercial bank has no clear understanding of performance management; (2) appraisal target system is not reasonable and directed against the bank; (3) the performance management process has no comprehensive plan and standard.During the designation of A city commercial bank’s performance management system, establishment of the bank’s target system of performance management by utilizing the balanced scorecard theory is the foundation. The thesis reselects the bank’s performance appraisal target and confirms each target’s weight and target standard according the actual stage of the bank. A new scientific and feasible performance appraisal system is established.At last, the thesis discusses the new specific plan of A city commercial bank’s performance system in the respects of evade error during performance management, pays attention to the factors effecting performance management result. Scientific and efficient performance management involves so much.To launch efficient performance management and improve the quality of human recourse is an important matter to bank’s survive and development. By research and design the performance management of A city commercial bank, this thesis has the following innovations. (1) Innovation on theory. The thesis combines the general theory with foundation of bank’s performance management system. The thesis reflects not only the general character of commercial corporation’s performance management but also the unique of bank’s performance management. On one hand, the thesis uses the experience of west modem commercial bank’s performance management and international practice. On the other hand, this thesis analyzes condition of our country, the bank’s operation management condition, internal feature of bank and competitive environment. It summarizes the bank’s efficient performance management experience and develops the general theory of performance management. (2) Innovation on performance appraisal method. The bank’s operation will be more instructive and objective via the operation of new performance management system based on the balanced scorecard. (3) Innovation on operability. The thesis combines the theory with the practice, which results in the scientific and reliable conclusion of this study. Some bank’s human resources management can draw on this result. For example, state-owned banks, foreign banks and joint-stock banks, etc.
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